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Where Do Exchange Students Live When They Go To Tennessee Tech?

Exchange students have have different housing options at Tennessee Tech: 

1. On-campus dormitories — Most exchange students choose this option so that they will have more opportunities to socialize with other students. For on-campus housing students must apply through the Office of University Housing and Residential Life. The online process requires that you set up your Tennessee Tech email first, then apply online.  To set up your email click Set Up Email. Then you can apply for housing with the Online Application.  Dormitories are normally shared by 2-3 students.  In addition, it is obligatory that students must purchase a meal plan if they stay in the dormitory.

2.  On-campus apartments — For on-campus apartments students have to apply well in advance due to limited space available. PLEASE NOTE ON-CAMPUS APARTMENTS ARE NOT FURNISHED.

3.  Off-campus apartments — For off-campus housing students can search for an apartment on Apartment Rental Guide.  We do not have a support service for off campus apartment searching, so we strongly recommend that you plan to stay in a hotel so that you can personally view apartments before signing any contracts or lease agreements.

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