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We want to help you stay engaged with your alumni. Please complete the form below to request our assistance with:

  • E-mails, e-newsletters, or social media posts for alumni
  • Assistance with other types of alumni engagement or communication


Due to the quantity of requests we receive, we ask that you have ALL of the pertinent information (date, time, place, description, cost) collected before requesting your project and that those details be included in the description below. Please be detailed with your description. Incomplete requests will be returned to the requestor.

If not a Tennessee Tech Employee, please put N/A.
If not a Tennessee Tech employee, please put N/A.
If not a Tennessee Tech employee, please put N/A.
Type of Project Requested:
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We request a minimum of 10 days to complete an e-newsletter or email project.  Depending on our workload, we may complete the project sooner but cannot guarantee it.  Please contact us at if you need a project expedited, and we will do our best to accommodate.
Describe your project. Please be specific and list all content you wish to include in the e-mail, e-newsletter, or social media post. If it is an e-mail or e-newsletter, please specify the audience you wish to receive it.

If you wish to include one or more photos in your project, please email those to after submitting this form.

  • For assistance with designing a postcard, brochure, or graphic for alumni, please contact the Office of Communications and Marketing.

  • If your job requires an email or mailing list, please complete the Advancement Request Form in addition to our form.



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