About the Crawford Alumni Center

Gladys and Leonard Crawford 

The Leonard and Gladys Crawford Alumni Center is housed in the Tennessee Tech Alumni Building, located at 705 N. Dixie Ave., on the corner of 7th St. and Dixie Ave., in Cookeville, Tennessee.

Named in honor of Leonard and Gladys Crawford, the center manages the True to Tech program and alumni engagement efforts for the university and is the main point of contact for the Tennessee Tech Alumni Association.

Since it was founded in 1921, the Alumni Association has served as a vital instrument to strengthen the connection between Tech alumni and their alma mater. Leonard, a member of Tech's class of 1929 -- the first baccalaureate class -- is noted for his work with Tennessee Tech alumni and his efforts to grow the Alumni Association. Gladys, also a Tech alum, graduated in 1935.

For nearly three decades, alumni and administrators Leonard and Gladys Crawford were among the most beloved figures on the Tech campus. Leonard directed Tech's alumni and job placement offices, student recruiting, and campus and workshops for cheerleaders, while Gladys ran Tech's cafeteria for a number of years as head dietitian.

Though nearly half a century has passed since the Crawford's service to Tech, decades of alumni still remember them with fondness. Leonard and Gladys Crawford were leaders in both school spirit and campus life -- and that's a role the Crawford Alumni Center staff strives to fulfill today with the experiences they offer to both alumni and our future alumni, today’s students.


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