History of the HTTU Herbarium

The Hollister Herbarium was established in 1965 by Dr. S. K. Ballal. Dr. Ballal was teaching Local Flora at the time, and began the herbarium a reference collection for teaching and research. The collection eventually outgrew itself in the West Annex, and was moved to Pennebaker Hall in 1969. At that time, the Herbarium was formally named in honor of Dr. Paul L. Hollister, Associate Professor of Biology at Tennessee Tech from 1950 to 1971. Dr. Hollister was a talented botanist with a great interest in the Asteraceae, especially the genus Chrysopsis. He participated in the Smoky Mountain Wildflower Pilgrimages and was an active member of the Tennessee Academy of Science for almost 29 years. For these reasons, Dr. Ballal and other Tennessee Tech Biology faculty felt that the Herbarium should be named in his honor. The collection has grown since its creation in 1965, with ca. 40,000 specimens at present. Curators of the collection since its inception include S. K. Ballal (1965-1970), Gordon Hunter (1970-1990), Felix Coe (1996-2006), Christy Carter (2007-2012), and Shawn Krosnick (2013 to present). It is our hope that the Hollister Herbarium will continue to grow over the next decade through increased specimen collections from Tennessee, surrounding states, and international locations. 

 Paul Hollister

Paul Hollister, Ph.D. studying his favorite genus Chrysopsis (species in photo is now recognized as Heterotheca camporum in Asteraceae).


Falling Water Creek

Hollister at Falling Water Creek.

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