About the Chemistry Department 


Our Mission

The Mission Statement of the Department of Chemistry begins with a strong commitment to the education of our students. We will work to provide students the foundation necessary to be life-long learners. We will encourage students to develop their academic abilities and career interests through well-designed curricula and effective advisement. We will maintain an instructional program meeting the highest standards of our accrediting agency and continually assess our degree concentrations and program options. We will provide opportunities for research and independent study in order to address the individual needs of each of our majors and reward them for their excellence. We will maintain state-of-the art scientific equipment in our department, and offer both undergraduate and graduate students exposure to such instrumentation to better prepare them for the workforce. We will sustain and continually assess our educational environment which promotes effective communication, respect, and understanding among students, faculty, and staff. 

Scope of the Department

Presently the Department of Chemistry has 21 Ph.D. faculty members. These positions are evenly distributed among the major disciplines of chemistry. The undergraduate programs offered by the department are:

  • B.S. (Pure Chemistry)
  • B.S. (Biochemistry)
  • B.S. (Environmental Chemistry)
  • B.S. (Forensic Chemistry)
  • B.S. (Health Science Chemistry)
  • B.S. (Business Chemistry)
  • B.S. (Industrial Chemistry)
  • B.S. (Custom Chemistry)
  • ACS Certification
  • Minor in Chemistry

The business chemistry degree is designed to be a 4+1 B.S./MBA program with the Tennessee Tech College of Business. The department also offers a traditional 2-year M.S. degree in chemistry as well as a 4+1 B.S./M.S. fast track program for dedicated students.  The faculty have the opportunity to participate in the Environmental Sciences Ph.D. program as environmental chemistry is offered as a concentration.  The general chemistry program at Tech enrolls over 1200 campus-wide students in the fall semester. We currently have approximately 150-160 declared chemistry majors.

Commitment to Balanced Excellence

The Department is strongly committed to providing a balanced program of teaching, research and service. All full-time tenured or tenure track faculty have an active research effort and are directing either undergraduates, graduate students, or both in scholarly activity. Many are actively involved in outreach programs designed to increase science awareness and interest in area pre-college youth. The Department has been featured in the American Chemical Society "In Chemistry" magazine and in Chemical and Engineering News for its forefront activities in the enhancement of science education in our region.

Interaction with the Tennessee Tech Centers of Excellence

TN Tech houses three state-supported Centers of Excellence that involve the participation of University faculty and students from the College of Engineering and the College of Arts and Sciences. The Tennessee Tech centers include the Water Center, the Manufacturing Center, and the Electric Power Center. As a chemistry major, you’ll have the opportunity to conduct research, receive training; or take a class with faculty housed in these Centers. More information can be found if you visit the following links:

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