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M.S. in Chemistry

The Master's in Chemistry degree is a one- to two-year program of study comprised of coursework and thesis research that prepares graduates for successful scientific careers in industry, academia, government service, or in the continuation of their education in a doctoral program or professional school.



  1. To provide an ongoing program of study that prepares graduates to successfully pursue scientific careers in industry or to continue their education in a doctoral program or professional school.

  2. To provide students with opportunities to reinforce their background and expand their knowledge in areas integrated with their undergraduate coursework, with course offerings in the five major branches of chemistry.

  3. To provide an ongoing, stimulating and intellectual atmosphere conducive to the learning process of both students and faculty through low student-to-faculty ratios.

  4. To provide the facilities and professional mentorship enabling students to propose, conduct, evaluate, and report in a systemic way on original research and thereby add to the knowledge of humanity.

  5. To provide opportunities for students to refine both oral and written communication skills.


The graduate curriculum is designed to acquaint students with the current ideas in the five major areas of chemistry (organic, inorganic, physical, analytical, and biochemical). The thesis project affords the student practical experience in the methods used to obtain new knowledge and to develop the skills necessary to understand and relate this knowledge. Special topics courses allow individual professors to present specialized material in their area of expertise. The faculty maintains a wide variety of research programs, giving each student an opportunity to conduct, evaluate, and report on original research.

Graduate Admission Deadlines:

Semester Priority Application Priority Decision Guaranteed Consideration Guaranteed Decision
Fall 2/1 2/14 4/1 4/14
Spring 7/1 7/14 9/1 9/14

Graduate Advisor Contact Information:

Dr. Andrew Callender


Office:  Lab Science Commons, Room 3103

Phone: (931) 372-6273

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