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Seminar Schedule - Spring 2020

Seminars are held in Foster Hall, Room 220 on Thursdays and Fridays at 3:30pm unless otherwise indicated. Please email Lisa Norsworthy at for more information. 

Friday, February 14 Dr. Lauren Buchanan Vanderbilt University Developing novel spectroscopic approaches to determine structural changes of nanoparticle-bound proteins
Friday, February 21 Dr. Yongming Deng Western Kentucky University Sustainable Catalyst Development & Novel Photocatalytic Alkyne Activation Strategy for Molecular-Complexity Synthesis
Friday, February 28 Dr. Kristian Myhre Oak Ridge National Lab Understanding Nuclear Materials and Radiochemical Processes using Neutron and Photon Spectroscopic Techniques
Friday, March 6 Dr. Glenn Fugate Oak Ridge National Lab Nuclear forensic measurement impacts of uranium hexafluoride sampling methods
Monday, March 30 @ 2pm Austin Hill Tennessee Tech Master's Student Thesis Seminar: Alleviation and Computational Analysis of Differentially Expressed Protein Effects in Seleno- or Telluromethionine-exposed Escherichia Coli
Thursday, April 2 @ 9:00am
Madison Talley Tennessee Tech Master's Student Thesis Seminar: GC-MS, GC-MS/MS, GC-MSn Method Development for the Detection of Synthetic Cathinones
Friday, April 3 @ 3:30pm Megan Keane Tennessee Tech Master's Student Thesis Seminar: Postponed until summer
Monday, April 6 @ 3:30pm

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Nathan Combs Tennessee Tech Master's Student Thesis Seminar: Improving Thiol-Specific Covalent Modification Efficiency on Residues with Low Solvent Accessibility by Solid Phase Labeling
Tuesday, April 7 @ 3:30pm Tylar Thompson Tennessee Tech Master's Student Thesis Seminar: TBD
Wednesday, April 8 @ 3:30pm Kristen Carter Tennessee Tech Master's Student Thesis Seminar: TBD
Thursday, April 9 @ 3:30pm TBD TBD  Literature Seminar: TBD
Tuesday, April 14 @ 3:30pm Abigail Rossi Tennessee Tech Student Distinction in Chemistry Research Seminar: TBD
Thursday, April 16 @ 3:30pm TBD TBD  Literature Seminar: TBD
Friday, April 17 @ 3:30pm Dr. Suzanne Lapi University of Alabama at Birmingham TBD
Thursday, April 23 @ 3:30pm TBD TBD 

Literature Seminar: TBD


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