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Other forms can be found on the web page of the Office of the Registrar

Student Organizations 

For more information about student organizations/clubs in the Department of Chemistry, visit the Chemistry Student Organizations page.


Dr. Amanda Carroll • 931-372-6324 • Lab Science Commons 1310

Dr. David Crouse• 931-372-3515 • Lab Science Commons 3302

Dr. Jonathan Moldenhauer • 931-372-6866 • Lab Science Commons 3117


We want to help you succeed! If you need to work on your homework, or study for an exam, you can visit our tutoring room during the hours listed below. Once the fall and spring semesters begin, free tutoring is available Monday through Thursday from 2:00-6:00pm in Lab Science Commons Room 1307. During the summer semester, there will be a study hall on Tuesdays/Thursdays from 1-2pm in LSC 1307. For more information, contact Dr. Chad Rezsnyak at or 931-372-6282.

If you would like to provide feedback or suggestions about the Chemistry Department tutoring, please fill out our short survey: Tutoring Feedback Form

Chemistry Courses 

To view a list of all the chemistry and EVSC courses that are offered at Tennessee Tech, visit the Chemistry Course Offerings page.

Scholarships & Awards  

If you would like to apply for a chemistry or pre-professional departmental scholarship (in addition to any federal aid or UAS scholarships you might have), you will need to go the Scholarships page and fill out the Scholarship Application. All students MUST be admitted and complete the Scholarship Application every year by the December 15th deadline to be considered for any Tennessee Tech scholarships. This single application submitted through ScholarWeb is used for the awarding of over 600 scholarship opportunities. You must apply for these scholarships ANNUALLY by the published deadline each year, regardless of whether or not you were previously awarded a scholarship.

To get more information about which scholarships are offered, go to the Scholarships page and click on the box that says "Search Scholarships." Then click on "Majors." Select your major from the dropdown list, and you will see a list of all the available scholarships.

PC Lab 

The chemistry PC lab is located in LSC 1133. It offers ten virtual desktop computers for students to use. For other computer resources, please see the section below.

PC lab

Computer Resources 

The Chemistry Department has robust software capable of advanced computation in its Learning Commons (LSC 1133) as well as in faculty research labs of its computational chemists. The University possesses a campus site-license for HyperChem Molecular Modeling software. The Department has a site license for CambridgeSoft ChemDraw for routinely drawing structural formulas. Additionally, two workstations in the physical chemistry instructional lab run Gaussian for advanced computation. This software is used routinely in instruction throughout the curriculum as well as in undergraduate and graduate research. Two advanced computational laboratories are available in the Lab Science Commons building for faculty/student research projects. The Department implemented a VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) that allows students and faculty to run Microsoft and chemistry software on their own personal devices both on and off campus anywhere they can get a wireless signal.

To access detailed information regarding technology resources in the Department of Chemistry, visit the Chemistry Computer Resources page. This page includes instructions for logging into and utilizing the departmental virtual desktop for remote access to our server and software.

Tennessee Tech's High Performance Computing Cluster is located in Clement Hall 226, and is managed by Information Technology Services. 

Chemistry Handbook 

Click the link below to see the Chemistry Handbook for Undergraduates.

Handbook 2023 - 2024


To view a listing of the department's instrumentation resources, visit the Chemistry Instrumentation Resources page.

Environmental Health & Safety 

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