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English Alumni
Cassidy Phillips, B.A. English

Cassidy Phillips"Hello! My name is Cassidy Phillips. From a young age, my career vision was to work for myself in some creative capacity. I felt that enhancing my communication skills would be a vital part of growing my confidence and honing a professional presence. My time in the English department shaped my critical thinking skills, written and oral communication, and time management capabilities, which helped me found my brand & web design studio, Foxtrot Branding.

"Cultivating a professional and enjoyable voice and writing style is incredibly important as a business owner and content creator. You can learn many career skills on your own (for example, my specialty in web design), but the strong sense of communication and ethics I learned from professors like Dr. Pickering uniquely equipped me to found my own business. I am truly thankful for the groundwork my English degree laid for my entrepreneurial future.

"My company's website is, our Instagram is, and I'm on tiktok at," said Cassidy Phillips.

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