Master of Arts in English


The Master of Arts degree program in the Department of English prepares graduates for success in any further graduate and professional education that might require superior analytical and communication skills, as well as for careers outside the academic world wherever superior analytical and communication skills and knowledge of literary and cultural traditions are essential. Our English M.A. also provides superb grounding for seeking a Ph.D. in English by increasing students' knowledge of literary history and improving their skills in writing, literary analysis, and research. Graduates can also become effective high-school or college-level teachers by improving their knowledge of writing pedagogy and theory.

Our program offers concentrations in Creative Writing, Literature, and Professional and Technical Communication.

We invite current Tennessee Tech undergraduate English Majors to consider our B.A./M.A. Fast Track Program in English.



To apply for admission, and for detailed application instructions, go to Graduate Admissions. 

For full consideration, applicants for Fall admission must submit all application materials, including GRE scores, by May 1, and applicants for Spring admission must submit all materials by November 1. We encourage early application: graduate teaching assistantships are limited in number and will be awarded on a competitive basis.


Dr. Brian Williams
Henderson Hall 212A
(931) 372-3338 / 
Fall 2018 Office Hours: Mondays and Wednesdays 9:00-10:30, or by appointment


Anthony D. Baker, Paulina Bounds, Michael L. Burduck, Mark H. Creter, Kristen Deiter, Monic Ductan, Kurt Eisen, Sharon K. Henry, Helen Hunt, Graham S. Kash, Shirley D. Laird, Josephine A. McQuail, Susan M. Moynihan, Linda J. Null, Michael O’Rourke, Ted Pelton, Kristin D. Pickering, Mari Ramler, Jennifer Rideout, Thomas Saya, and Brian J. Williams

Dr. Ted Pelton, Chair, Department of English

Faculty specializations are listed on our Faculty & Staff page.




Comprehensive and Oral Exams Guidelines (effective Fall 2013)



Our M.A. Program alumni have continued their education at the following PhD and MFA programs and law schools:

  • California College of the Arts, MFA in Writing
  • Louisiana State University, PhD in English
  • Middle Tennessee State University, PhD in English
  • Nashville School of Law
  • Northern Illinois University, PhD in English
  • Old Dominion University, MFA in Creative Writing
  • Purdue University, PhD in English
  • Tennessee Tech University, PhD in Exceptional Learning
  • University of Arizona, PhD in English
  • University of Florida, PhD in English
  • University of Georgia, PhD in Linguistics
  • University of Louisville, PhD in English
  • University of Memphis, Cecil C. Humphreys School of Law
  • University of Tennessee, PhD in English

Our M.A. Program alumni have also established these careers:

  • Attorney and Law Journal Edito
  • Chess Education Consultant
  • Communications Coordinator for a Nonprofit Research Organization
  • High School Teacher
  • Legislative Auditor and CPA
  • Publishing Salesperson
  • University Professor (many!)
  • University Academic Advisor


ENGL 5111 - Chaucer
ENGL 5121 - Shakespeare
ENGL 5130 - Milton
ENGL 5140 - Topics in British Literature to 1667
ENGL 5140 - Topics in British Literature to 1667: Tolkien & His Sources
ENGL 5210 - Eighteenth-Century British Literature
ENGL 5221 - Romantic Literature
ENGL 5231 - Victorian Literature
ENGL 5240 - Topics in British Literature to 1667: Women in the Development of the Novel
ENGL 5240 - Topics in British Literature to 1667: Jane Austen in Context
ENGL 5250 - Post Modern Literatures in English
ENGL 5310 - Early American Literature
ENGL 5320 - Nineteenth Century American Literature
ENGL 5330 - Modern American Literature
ENGL 5340 - Topics in American Literature: American War Novel
ENGL 5340 - Topics in American Literature: Trauma and the Nation
ENGL 5340 - Topics in American Literature: The Beat Generation
ENGL 5340 - Topics in American Literature: Early Narratives & Gender Theory
ENGL 5340 - Topics in American Literature
ENGL 5411 - Writing in the Professions
ENGL 5421 - Forms of Argumentation and Persuasion: Theory and Practice
ENGL 5430 - Creative Writing: Fiction
ENGL 5440 - Creative Writing: Essay
ENGL 5450 - Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL 5511 - Introduction to Descriptive Linguistics
ENGL 5521 - History of the English Language
ENGL 5531 - Grammar and Language
ENGL 5541 - Topics in Linguistics/Language: Discourse in Numbers
ENGL 5541 - Topics in Linguistics/Language: Sociolinguistics
ENGL 5551 - Introduction to Rhetoric: Theory andPractice
ENGL 5561 - American English
ENGL 5610 - Novel
ENGL 5620 - Poetry: Form, Genre, Theory
ENGL 5630 - Literary Criticism and Theory
ENGL 5640 - Modern and Contemporary Drama
ENGL 5650 - The Graphic Novel
ENGL 5712 - African American Literature
ENGL 5713 - Native American Literature
ENGL 5720 - Continental Literature
ENGL 5731 - Women and Literature
ENGL 5751 - Topics in Non-Western Literature
ENGL 5810 - Introduction to Folklore
ENGL 5820 - Upper Cumberland Folklore
ENGL 5840 - The Gothic Tale of Terror
ENGL 5931 - Literature and the Environment
ENGL 5970 - Professional Communication II
ENGL 5981 - Topics: Methods in Research & Use of Archival Materials
ENGL 5983 - Topics: William Faulkner
ENGL 5983 - Topics: Digital Business/Proposal Writing
ENGL 6000 - Introduction to Graduate Studies
ENGL 6010 - Teaching Composition
ENGL 6400 - Special Topics: Blake and Joyce--True Originals?
ENGL 6400 - Special Topics: Elizabethan London
ENGL 6400 - Special Topics: Linguistics/Language American English
ENGL 6400 - Special Topics: Literary Geography and Early English Drama
ENGL 6400 - Special Topics: Monstrous Visions
ENGL 6400 - Special Topics: The Renaissance in England
ENGL 6590 - Seminar in Nineteenth-century American Literature
ENGL 6640 - Seminar in Twentieth-century American Literature
ENGL 6710 - Graduate Prose Workshop
ENGL 6720 - Graduate Poetry Workshop (coming, Fall 2019)


For more information, see M.A. Program Admission and Degree Requirements and the College of Graduate Studies.

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