Literature Concentration

The Literature concentration engages traditional chronological periods of British and American literature alongside a wide variety of additional course offerings. Flexible plans of study provide opportunities to focus on conventional literary-historical areas as well as far-reaching critical and theoretical fields. Our courses help students pose and investigate problems in the advanced study of literature in English, and also provide a strong foundation for those students seeking to pursue a Ph.D. in literature or related fields. Students analyze texts, identify relevant contexts, and communicate complex ideas in a clear, artful manner. Additionally, by developing students’ written and oral communication skills, research abilities, and analytical prowess, this concentration establishes core competencies required for work in many fields.

Core (15 credit hours)

  • One graduate course in British Literature before 1800.
  • One graduate course in British Literature after 1800.
  • One graduate course in American Literature before 1865.
  • One graduate course in American Literature after 1865.
  • English 6000. 

Content Courses (9 credit hours)

Three graduate-level electives in ENGL, THEA, or PC

Thesis Hours (6 credit hours)

ENGL 6990

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