Literature Concentration

The Literature concentration engages traditional chronological periods of British and American literature alongside a wide variety of additional course offerings. Flexible plans of study provide opportunities to focus on conventional literary-historical areas as well as far-reaching critical and theoretical fields. Our courses help students pose and investigate problems in the advanced study of literature in English, and also provide a strong foundation for those students seeking to pursue a Ph.D. in literature or related fields. Students analyze texts, identify relevant contexts, and communicate complex ideas in a clear, artful manner. Additionally, by developing students’ written and oral communication skills, research abilities, and analytical prowess, this concentration establishes core competencies required for work in many fields.

We offer both a thesis and portfolio option for the Literature M.A. 

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Core (12 credit hours)

  • ENGL 6000
  • One 6000-level course in Literature
  • ENGL 6750
  • PC 6060

Content Courses (12 credit hours)*

  • Four graduate-level Literature electives. Only one can be a 5000-level elective; the others must be taken at the 6000 level.
  • If on a Graduate Assistantship, ENGL 1010 is required

Thesis Option (6 credit hours)

  • ENGL 6990 (3 credit hours and ENGL 6005, or 6 credit hours of ENGL 6990)

Portfolio Option (9 credit hours)

  • One section of ENGL 6890
  • Two additional graduate-level electives selected by student and advisor

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