Portfolio Timeline

Typical Two-Year M.A. Program, Portfolio Option

Year 1

  • Fall
    • Three graduate-level courses (9 hours), including ENGL 6000
    • Develop Program of Study with Graduate Advisor
  • Spring
    • Three graduate-level courses (9 hours), including ENGL 6010 (required for Graduate Teaching Assistants; recommended for others)
    • Form Advisory Committee: chairperson and two additional faculty
    • File Program of Study
  • Summer
    • Develop portfolio prospectus in consultation with Advisory Committee
    • Apply for graduation (usually a late August or early September deadline)

Year 2

  • Fall
    • Two graduate-level courses (including an internship for the PTC concentration)
    • Apply to PhD programs, if desired
  • Spring
    • Two graduate-level courses, plus ENGL 6890 (Directed Research)
    • Finish and defend Portfolio  (by mid-April)

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