M.A. Non-Thesis Criteria

Creative Writing Concentration

The M.A. Concentration in Creative Writing does not have a non-thesis option.

Professional and Technical Communication Concentration

The PTC non-thesis option involves extra coursework and an internship, culminating in a portfolio project, consisting of four parts:

  1. Project Proposal/Prospectus which provides background on the projects, theoretical influences [drawn from courses] on their proposed redevelopment, a description of the specific projects included, and a timeline for completion.
  2. Two digital artifacts from other graduate courses that have been redeveloped and expanded (Examples include but are not limited to podcasts, videos, social media creation and curation accounts, websites, technical reports, and grants.)
  3. A Client Project (This would be completed while a student is enrolled in a graduate-level internship.)
  4. A Critical Reflection (This reflection integrates sources/theoretical background from previous courses as well as additional sources.)

Literature Concentration

The Literature non-thesis option involves extra coursework and a comprehensive exam based on a reading list generated by the student and their faculty committee.

  1. In their final semester in the program, students will take a comprehensive exam based on the combined reading lists from the three members of the student’s advisory committee. The exam will be comprised of questions selected by the committee. All possible questions will be shared with the student in advance, but the student will not know ahead of time which specific questions will be selected. The student will have up to six hours to complete the proctored, closed-book exam.
  2. Students will then orally defend their exams to their committee, and the faculty committee members will evaluate the questions and defense on a pass/fail basis. A “pass” for the exam requires a simple majority of the committee.

For curriculum information, please see the Graduate Catalog.

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