Certificate Programs in English

Iris Review issue launch event
Students edit, design, and publish the Iris Review, an annual magazine of prose, poetry, and artwork, while enrolled in a core course for the Certificate in Editing and Publishing.

Credentials That Fit Your Interests

Undergraduate students of any major that want to build industry communication skills and add to their value on the job market may enroll in either of two unique Certificate programs offered by the English Department. Certificates may be completed alongside your undergraduate degree at Tennessee Tech.  After deciding to pursue a Certificate, students should consult with their primary advisor as well as the appropriate Certificate advisor each semester during advisement periods. 

> Certificate in Editing and Publishing
> Certificate in Technical Writing and Communication 


Why Add a Certificate to Your Degree?

Help your future employer recognize you as an asset with either of our Certificate programs in English. Benefits include:

  • Easy-to-see credentialing.  Employers won't necessarily look at every class a student takes. With a Certificate on your transcript or resume, your skills are clear. 
  • Hands-on experience.  We've built into our Certificate programs the credit hours to investigate existing professional opportunities and gain real-world insights while still in school.  Faculty supervise required or optional (encouraged) internships.  We'll help you find the opportunities that match your intended career path. 
  • e-Portfolio.  Each Certificate requires an e-Portfolio of finished projects—materials that double as work samples to show prospective employers.


Certificate in Editing and Publishing

Certificate in Editing and PublishingPublishing is a fast-moving and entrepreneurial field. By acquiring and practicing a set of flexible editorial tools, our students are prepared to adapt to new communication platforms, audiences, and formats as well as to innovate.  Graduates with a Certificate in Editing and Publishing may pursue jobs that include team-based writing and editing for digital and print publications, acquisitions and editorial jobs for small and large publishing houses and magazines, nonprofit funding and fundraising, and creative consulting work. 

The catalog outlines the curriculum for this Certificate. Dr. Erin Hoover serves as its advisor.

Program of Study

Core editing courses 6 credit hours
Publishing internship, required 3 credit hours
Relevant writing electives 9 credit hours
Final e-Portfolio & presentation Required



Certificate in Technical Writing and Communication

Certificate in Professional and Technical Communication

Technical information can be complex and difficult for communicators to convey to general audiences. Within their various majors, students need discipline-specific communication skills for presenting technical information effectively. This process includes communicating accurately, persuasively, and ethically, incorporating visual rhetoric and digital design. The Certificate in Technical Writing and Communication incorporates technical writing, editing, and digital design to prepare students for careers in software documentation, online content development, instructional design, and grant writing, particularly for STEM fields.

The catalog outlines the curriculum for this Certificate.  Dr. Kristin Pickering serves as its advisor

Program of Study

Oral communication course 3 credit hours
Core technical writing courses 9 credit hours
Topical electives, including optional internship 6 credit hours
Final e-Portfolio & presentation Required



Faculty and Advisement

Our faculty specialists for English's Certificate programs include Dr. Monic Ductan (creative writing), Dr. Erin Hoover (literary editing, writing for nonprofit organizations), Dr. Ted Pelton (small press publishing), Dr. Kristin Pickering (technical writing and editing), and Dr. Mari Ramler (digital publishing). 

To discuss enrolling in one of our Certificates, please contact the advisor—we'd love to talk to you.

Dr. Erin Hoover
Advisor for the Certificate in Editing and Publishing 
English Faculty (Creative Writing Concentration) 
Matthews Daniel 152
(931) 372-3347 /

Dr. Kristin Pickering
Advisor for the Certificate in Technical Writing
Advisor for the Professional and Technical Communication Concentration  
Henderson Hall 312A 
(931) 372-6568 /


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