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Faculty & Staff of English Department

Linda Null, Interim Chairperson | 931-372-3049 | Profile


Linda Fisk, Administrative Associate IV | 931-372-3343 | Profile

Cheyenne Lewis, Financial Associate II | 931-372-3663 | Profile


Baker, Anthony Professor, Director of Composition Profile
Bounds, Paulina Associate Professor, Linguistics Profile
Burduck, Michael Professor Profile
Cardana, Robert Lecturer Profile
Creter, Mark Professor, Theatre Profile
Deiter, Kristen Associate Professor Profile
Donegan, Rachel Assistant Professor Profile
Ductan, Monic Assistant Professor Profile
Fisk, William Senior Instructor Profile
Gray, Jennifer Assistant Professor Profile
Henry, Sharon Senior Lecturer Profile
Hoover, Erin Assistant Professor Profile
Hunt, Helen Associate Professor Profile
Laird, Shirley Professor Profile
McQuail, Josephine Professor Profile
Moynihan, Susan Muchshima Senior Lecturer Profile
Pelton, Theodore Professor Profile
Pickering, Kristen Professor Profile
Ramler, Mari Associate Professor Profile
Robinson, Elizabeth Senior Instructor Profile
Seale, Joe Lecturer Profile
Smith, Andrew William Senior Instructor Profile
Stenson, Matthew Scott Instructor Profile
Williams, Brian Professor Profile

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