Physics Alumni and Careers

Kenneth Long

Kenneth Long, Ph.D.
Senior Postdoctoral Researcher at MIT.

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Cathleen Fry, Ph.D.
B.S., Physics (2013)
Currently studying thermonuclear burn in high density plasmas at Los Alamos National Lab.

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Cathleen Fry

Michelle Schwer

Michelle Schwer, MSc, DABR
B.S., Physics, 2008
Currently professor of Radiation Biology at Brown University and Medical Physicist at Rhode Island Hospital.

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Dan Bardayan
B.S. Physics, 1993
Currently full professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at the University of Notre Dame and the Director of the Notre Dame Nuclear Science Laboratory.

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Dan Bardayan

Stan Paulauskas

Stan Paulauskas
B.S. Physics, 2007
Currently a Solutions Architect for XIA, LLC



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