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Criminology and Criminal Justice Program of Study

B.S. in Sociology, Criminology/Criminal Justice Track

Criminology and Criminal Justice at Tennessee Tech is part of the Department of Sociology and Political Science (SOC-CRCJ). The concentration allows students to gain an understanding of the making of criminal laws, the breaking of criminal laws, and society’s reaction to the breaking of laws (criminology) and the 3 core areas of the criminal justice system: police, courts, and corrections. Students will also examine criminal procedure as part of the program.

Criminal Justice

There are three primary goals for this concentration:

  • To provide a professional education within a liberal arts framework and with a sociological foundation
  • To endorse an understanding of the relationships between social control, social structure, and the criminal justice system.
  • To allow flexibility for career alternatives while providing a core of substantive criminology and criminal just coursework

The study of criminology and criminal justice is offered as a concentration with the sociology major. Students within the concentration learn about sociological theory, research methodology, and data analysis alongside the criminology and criminal justice curriculum. Students will take courses in criminology, policing, corrections, criminal procedure, and youth justice with several other course options including social deviance, crime and media, victimology, cybercrime, violence in the US, white-collar crime, and sexual offenses and offenders, among others. Though not a requirement, many students have taken advantage of opportunities to complete internships with local agencies and state agencies, including Cookeville Police Department and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

To complete the criminology and criminal justice concentration:

In addition to the required core of 27 hours, students will also be required to take:

CJ 2660 Criminology (3hrs)
CJ 2700 Introduction to Law Enforcement (3hrs)
CJ 2850 Criminal Law & Procedure (3hrs)
CJ 3650 Juvenile Delinquency (3hrs)
CJ 3610 Adv. Criminal Procedure (3hrs)
CJ 4660 Corrections (3hrs)
PHIL 1030: Intro. to Phil. (3hrs)
POLS 1000 American Government (3hrs)
Students will compete an additional 12 hours of elective courses at the upper division level chosen from courses with a sociology, criminal justice, or social work prefix. The SOC/CRCJ major includes 36 upper division hours.

Total hours in the major: 63.
Total hours of sociology/SW/CJ courses: 45-54.
Total hours required for graduation: 120 (at least 36 hours must be upper division [3000 or 4000 level]).


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