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Political Science Scholarships and Awards

Senior Award in Political Science

An award presented to a Political Science major with senior classification who demonstrates excellence in their academic career at Tennessee Tech. Recipients receive a cash award and a certificate. The Senior Award for Political Science is considered the department's highest award for political science majors.

For more information contact: Dr. Lori Maxwell

The Paul G. Stephenson Scholarship Endowment

Paul Stephenson, first chairperson of Political Science, is considered a "quiet institution" by the faculty, who established an endowment in his honor. Stephenson, retired, joined the faculty in 1964, the same year Tennessee Tech began offering a major in Political Science.

The scholarship is awarded to a Political Science major at the end of his/her junior year.


  • Must be a full-time student majoring in POLS
  • Will normally have the highest overall GPA of any Political Science major at the end of his/her junior year.
  • May receive additional consideration for other factors such as extracurricular activities and financial needs.

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