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Sociology Scholarships and Awards

Award for Excellence in Criminal Justice Studies

Selection Process: The award will be presented annually in the Spring Semester to the junior departmental major with a concentration in Criminal Justice having the highest QPA in completed criminal justice coursework. Criminal Justice coursework is defined as those courses (excluding CJ 4700/5700 and CJ 4900/5900) having a CJ prefix including those substantive dual-listed courses, e.g., CJ/SOC 2610,2660, 4010,4040 and 4660, that have been completed with a CJ prefix.


  • 60 to 89.9 course hours completed with a minimum QPA of 3.25 
  • 15 hours of Criminal Justice coursework, or more, completed with at least 3 hours in upper division CJ Coursework (3000 /4000 level), excluding CJ 4700/5700 and CJ 4900/ 590, with a minimum QPA of 3.25
  • 9 hours of completed Sociology coursework, or more , in courses having a SOC prefix with at least 3 hours in upper division SOC coursework (3000/4000 level), excluding SOC 4900/5900 and SOC 4950/5950, with a minimum QPA of 3.25. 

Senior Award for Academic Excellence

Selection Process: Student records will be scrutinized and the winner of the award selected during Spring semester of each year. The award and an appropriate plaque will be awarded during the Spring semester at the College of Arts and Science's annual awards ceremony. Should there be no student satisfying the minimum eligibility requirements, the award shall be deferred until the following academic year. In the event of students having similar QPAs, the winner of the award will be determined by a vote of the departmental faculty. Evidence of commitment and service to the discipline will be considered. In case of a tie or multiple winners, the award will be evenly divided among the selected recipients. The award was established upon the unanimous recommendation of the Department faculty and is funded primarily through their voluntary contributions. Award presented to that senior major within the department demonstrating academic excellence.


  • Enrollment as a major in the Department of Sociology & Political Science during Spring Semester.
  • Completion of at least 90 semester hours of University credit with a QPA of at least 3.25. Of the 90 hours, at least 30 must have been earned at Tennessee Tech, and the student must have completed at least two semesters in residence at the University.
  • Completion of at least 27 semester hours of course work in Anthropology, Criminal Justice, Philosophy or Sociology with a QPA of at least 3.5. Of the 27 hours at least 21 must have been earned within this department.
  • Previous winners of the award shall not be eligible for consideration.

Student Research Award

Submissions will be accepted between the start of the Spring term and the end of the third week of Fall term. Submissions can be given to any faculty member or brought to the Sociology and Political Science Office. Winners will be announced prior to the end of the fall term. Submissions can address any area in sociology, criminology, social work, anthropology, political science, or philosophy. They can be based on quantitative, qualitative, or library research. Papers must be between 2,500 and 6,000 words in length, excluding tables and references. Format and organization of papers should follow the guidelines used by the American Sociological Association. Articles should be submitted on paper and as a Word document.

  • First Prize: Award and First Place Certificate
  • All high quality submissions will receive Certificates of Merit.
  • All department majors are eligible to submit entries.

Submissions will be evaluated according to the following criteria:

  • Contribution to theory or a substantial area
  • Clarity of writing
  • Quality of methodology
  • Importance of the subject matter

The Greenamyre Scholarship Endowment

Background: Dr. Edward Louis Greenamyre, anthropologist at Tennessee Tech University for more than 20 years, endowed the scholarship to honor and memorialize his mother, Margaret Greenamyre.


  • Must be a current student in good standing in accordance with current institutional policies.
  • Must be enrolled as a major within the Department of Sociology & Political Science.
  • Must have completed at least 30 semester hours and no more than 90 semester hours of course work applicable toward any of the BS degrees awarded by the department.
  • Must have successfully completed or currently enrolled in the "Introduction to Sociological Research" course.
  • Must have a cumulative QPA of 3.0.

The Mookherjee Sociology Senior Award Endowment

Background: This award was created by the Mookherjee family, Dr. Harsha Mookherjee, a Sociology professor at Tennessee Tech University, his wife, Ira, and their daughter, Paramita, a Tennessee Tech alumna. The award will consist of the lesser of $250.00 or available funds to be presented in the Spring Semester of each year. If a suitable or qualified student is not available, the award will not be given in that year.


  • Must be a Senior, majoring in Sociology, in good standing in accordance with current institutional policies.
  • Must have a QPA of 3.25 or above.
  • Must have the second highest QPA among the Sociology majors, but is not selected for the Sociology Department Senior
  • Award for Academic Excellence.
  • Must have at least a 'B' in the following courses or their equivalents: SOC 3900, SOC 3910, SOC 4720, SOC 4920.
  • Must have presented a paper at one of the state/regional/national sociological meetings.

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