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Accreditation is a non-governmental, peer-review process that assures the quality of the postsecondary education students receive. Educational institutions or programs volunteer to undergo this review periodically to determine if certain criteria are being met. To employers, graduate schools, and licensure, certification, and registration boards, graduation from an accredited program signifies adequate preparation for entry into the profession.

ABET, Inc., the recognized accredit or for college and university programs in applied science, computing, engineering, and technology, is a federation of 28 professional and technical societies representing these fields. Among the most respected accreditation organizations in the U.S., ABET has provided leadership and quality assurance in higher education for over 75 years.

In 1970, the Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) degree program at Tennessee Technological University (TTU) received its first accreditation by ABET. Since then, the BSCE has maintained its ABET accredited status continuously. The most recent ABET visit occurred Fall 2014.

The current CEE Department at Tennessee Tech was established in 1928 as a two-year program in Civil Engineering. The third year was added in 1931 and the fourth year in 1932. In 1949, the School of Engineering was instituted with Civil Engineering as one of the five departments. The M.S. degree program in the Department was initiated in 1967, with the first graduate degree conferred in 1969. In 1987, the first Ph.D. with an emphasis in Civil Engineering was conferred. In the fall semester of 1993, the "Environmental Engineering" extension was added to the departmental name and the Department was renamed as the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering.

The Department has grown continually in student population over the last 60 years. It started with an undergraduate enrollment of fewer than 50 students. By 1964 the enrollment stood at 100. It increased continually over the subsequent years, and in 1994 the enrollment in the program for the first time reached 300. For the Fall 2015 semester the enrollment was 356 students.

The successful accreditation history of the BSCE degree program has been possible due to a well-rounded education that is delivered to undergraduate students. As one of the largest Civil Engineering undergraduate programs in Tennessee, the program enjoys an excellent reputation. Ever since its establishment, the Department has produced outstanding engineers, researchers, and educators. Graduates of the program are highly sought after by industry and government as well as graduate programs across the nation. The alumni have developed successful careers and served in leadership roles throughout the state, region, and nation.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) program is accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET,

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Accredited continuously since 1970.

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