Computer Science

Advance the Frontiers of Computing and Data Science.

Computer science applies everything computers have to offer: Systems, software, theory and applications. Whether you’re a whiz at algorithms, fascinated by the potential of artificial intelligence, interested in protecting companies from cyberattacks, or want to develop smarter products, as a computer scientist you will apply technology to advance hundreds of fields across the globe. 

At Tennessee Tech, we teach a core undergraduate program in Computer Science while also offering students the option of three different concentrations:

  • Data Science and Artificial Intelligence equips students to solve real-world problems by combining data analysis skills with computational techniques that enable computers to behave intelligently. You will learn the full data science lifecycle—data management, statistical inference, data mining and machine learning algorithms, and data visualization—while gaining practical experience in the university's Knowledge Discovery Lab.

  • High Performance Computing teaches students the techniques for programming high-performance, parallel and distributed systems—including multicore machines, Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), and cloud environments—to build exciting applications that can monitor air traffic flow, visualize molecules in molecular dynamics apps and identify hidden plaque in arteries, among other uses.

  • Information Assurance Cybersecurity teaches students the knowledge and techniques necessary for the protection of information stored on computing devices, like computers or forms of mobile technology, as well as information transmitted through both public and private networks. Tech is one of three National Security Administration/Department of Homeland Security-designated Center of Academic Excellence in Cyber Defense Education.

We are the fastest growing department at Tech; more than 800 students are enrolled in our undergraduate and graduate programs. With computer science alumni in 30 different states and more than 10 countries worldwide, Tennessee Tech offers the opportunity to join a vast network of computer science colleagues as you start your career.

Careers That Pay You Back.

Students and faculty talking in a computer labThere is a worldwide shortage of computer science professionals as the pace of technology change increases exponentially. In cybersecurity alone, there are more than 500,000 jobs available in the U.S. Jobs in software engineering, systems analysis software development, web development and more are among have among the highest salaries for graduates with bachelor’s degrees, according to Tennessee Tech grads are 6th in average starting salary of all 39 institutions in Tennessee.

While some of our graduates do go on to work in traditional mainstream computing companies such as SAIC, google, Microsoft, and IBM, many go on to work in the financial or health care sectors, as well as research and development at organizations such as Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Computing Connections

Student in computer labThe Department of Computer Science prioritizes diversity and creating connection for its students. Incoming students are assigned a peer group to serve as a resource for acclimating to college. Outside of the classroom, students have opportunities to work with faculty on a variety of research projects, as well as participate in computer science organizations, including the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and ACM-W (subcommittee for women), Cyber-Eagles, Women in Cybersecurity (WiCyS), Data Science League, Game Development Club, and Graduate Student Club (for grad students). Participating in these groups is a great way to get connected to peers, mentors, and faculty and network with potential employers.

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