Computer Science

Graduate Assistantships

Several graduate assistantships that involve teaching and/or grading duties are available for our students. In addition, research grants held by individual faculty members support several research assistantships. 

  • Full-time (20 hours/week) or part-time (10 hours/week)
  • Requires a study load of six to nine credit hours per semester. 
  • Pays a monthly stipend (prorated for part-time positions) 
  • Pays tuition and some fees (prorated for part-time positions)
*Teaching assistantships do not include summer stipends.
*Research assistantships may cover the full 12 months.

After completing an application form to the Computer Science graduate program (application forms are available online from the College of Graduate Studies), and being accepted into the CS program, applicants may submit their request for an assistantship through the Computer Science Assistantship portal

Monthly stipends are competitive, and PhD applicants are strongly encouraged to apply.

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