Financial Aid

My Dashboard

To access your My Dashboard page, click the 'My Dashboard' link from the Employees menu.

Click the tab you wish to view:

  • Employee Information: This screen shows Employee Eligibility Forms and details.  It shows the status of your I-9, W4, and your current FWS award balance.  It also displays your current class schedule. This is where you will Accept or Decline any pending job offers.
  • Applications: Shows all of your applications with options to view the Details, Print, and/or Withdraw.
  • JobMail: View and manage your custom job email alerts.

my dashboard screen

Employee Information

My Dashboard provides real-time self-service access to past/current/pending hires.

The 'Employee Information' tab displays the status of your I-9 and W-4, as well as, your FWS award amount. 

First Time Applicants

You will need to obtain an I-9 Employment Eligibility Verification card (by filling out an online form) and fill out a W-4 Tax Form, both of which will need to be done in the Human Resources office in Derryberry Hall, room 146, Monday – Friday, 8-4:30pm.

To start the I-9 process:

QR code to the application station*Scan QR code*

Then create an account:

  • Verify the account with verification code (sent to email entered when creating account)
  • Log in with user name and password
  • Enter Application Station Code: TNTECHI9 (ALL CAPS - the letter before the 9 is a capital "i") and complete section 1
  • Once this step is complete, go to Human Resources to show documents, with your banking information to fill out the direct deposit and a completed copy of the W-4
  • Please note, all I-9 and W-4 paperwork must be completed (in person) prior to beginning student employment!
  • Any questions, please contact or 931-372-3034.

You will see any job offers that are Pending with a link to Accept/Decline.  Once you have accepted a position, it will show the Hire Status as Active.

*We ask that you decline all other job offers once you have selected a position.

my dashboard employee information screen


You may customize your application view and print applications.

You may withdraw a previously submitted application by clicking the red ‘X’ next to the application if you are no longer interested in the job. (Please note: If the you have already been hired, there will be no red ‘X’ displayed).

Applicant’s have two options when withdrawing their application.

  • Withdraw an application and email the supervisor to explain why you are withdrawing your application OR
  • Withdraw an application without emailing the supervisor.

my dashboard applications screen


JobMail notifies you about potential job matches based on your interest. You must complete a JobMail Subscription to receive notifications. After JobMail setup you will receive notifications on new job listings that interest you. The email will provide details about the job to assist you in identifying a great job opportunity.

To add a Job Mail subscription, click on the 'Job Mail' tab on your My Dashboard page. Choose which Job Type you wish to receive alerts for, then click the 'Add New Job Mail Subscription' button.

my dashboard job mail tab

You may create multiple subscriptions and name them as desired for each Job Type (On-Campus FWS, On-Campus Scholarship Hours) supported by JobX.

For each subscription, you may set criteria:

  • Desired Departments (a.k.a. Employers) you wish to work (e.g. Biology & English)
  • Desired Job Categories you’re interested in (e.g. Tutoring, Clerical, etc.)
  • Desired Time Frames you’re interested in working (e.g. Summer Only, Academic Year, etc.)

configure job mail options

Click 'add' next to each item you wish to add to your JobMail subscription. Your selection(s) will appear in the top under Selected Items.

When you’re finished adding search criteria, click 'Done'.

Repeat this step for each Job Type and Criterion (Department/Employer, Category, and Time Frame).

Click one of the 'Save Subscription(s)' buttons to save your subscription.

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