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Find a Job for FWS or UAS

Find a Job

Login to Tech Express and open the Student Job Portal.

Click the Find a Job function from the Employees Menu.

Select a specific pre-defined Quick Search you would like to utilize to find a job.

Otherwise, to define your own custom job search filters click Advanced Search.

find a job screen

Advanced Search

Click the Advanced Search button to define your own job criteria you wish to search.

Advanced Search enables you to search for jobs by the following:

  • Search by Job Type (On-Campus FWS or On-Campus Scholarship Hours)
  • Keyword(s) Search
  • Job Category, Employers/Department, Time Frame, and Hours per Week

advanced job search screen

Apply for a Job

In order to view available job listings, you will be required to review and agree to one or more disclaimer statements.

A disclaimer statement will be presented for each Job Type (Scholarship Service or Federal Work Study) you selected.

After you have successfully reviewed the applicable disclaimer statement(s), you will be required to click the I agree button(s) before any available jobs of that Job Type will be presented.

job search disclaimers screen

Click the name of the job to review the details such as the job description, general requirements, and desired qualifications.

As you browse jobs, you can apply for multiple jobs with one single application.

Simply check the box next to one or more jobs you wish to submit an application for.

Then, click the Apply for Selected Jobs button.

apply for jobs screen

Complete the questions on the application.

Fields with a red asterisk are required to be completed before your application can be successfully completed.

Some of the fields may have information pre-filled.  Please be sure to review and update the information as needed.

You may upload a resume for the hiring employer to review, if desired. In order to do so, browse to that file on your computer and click Open.

job application screenYour application is successfully submitted when you received the Congratulations message.

application submitted user dashboard screen

After you have applied for a job, you can return to your Dashboard to monitor the available openings. If the number of available openings is 0 and you have not been hired, it means that you were not selected for hire. In that case, you should be sure you have applied for other jobs that still have available openings.

If you are hired for a job, you will receive an email notification. You must then log in to Accept or Decline the job offer.

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