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We offer a wide variety of band-performance opportunities for both music majors and non-majors. Please see the details of each ensemble regarding contact information and audition requirements.

Athletic Bands

  • Golden Eagle Marching Band

    Golden Eagle Marching Band

    Contact: Dr. Jeffrey L. Miller, Director of Bands
    Phone: 931-372-6559 | Email:


    The Golden Eagle Marching Band, the Pride of Tennessee Tech, has a tradition and longevity of service that reflects the history of the University.

    All Tennessee Tech students who have had experience as an instrumentalist are encouraged to participate in this wonderful experience. It's a great way to make friends and maintain your musical skills.

    With members, from virtually every major on campus, the marching band performs for all home football games, the annual homecoming parade, and many functions on campus and in the community.

    We perform a varied repertoire including popular, jazz, swing, show tunes, R&B, standards, and classics. Custom arrangements are common, and the dynamic visual program enhances a traditionally exciting, exceptionally executed musical program.

    The schedule of rehearsals for the Golden Eagle Marching Band is modest and limited to a two-hour period, three days per week.

    The band, only on a special occasion, will travel to an "away" game. No extra rehearsals are scheduled, and no extra fees are charged.

    Scholarships are available through audition. Contact Dr. Jeffrey Miller for assistance.

    Interested in marching with us? Fill out our Intent to March Form.

    There's a place for you in the Golden Eagle Marching Band!

  • Golden Eagle Brass Band

    Golden Eagle Brass Band

    Contact: Dr. Jeffrey L. Miller, Director of Bands
    Phone: 931-372-6559 | Email:

    The Golden Eagle Brass Band (also known as the Pep Band) enthusiastically entertains campus visitors throughout home games of the Tennessee Tech basketball season.

    Join the Golden Eagle Basketball Teams this season and experience...Golden Eagle Brass!

Concert Bands

  • Symphony Band

    Symphony Band

    CONTACT: Dr. Jeffrey L. Miller, Director of Bands

    Phone: 931-372-6559 | Email:

    The Symphony Band is the principal concert ensemble of the Tennessee Tech Bands and has earned its reputation as one of the finest symphonic organizations in the country. It programs and studies the finest in wind band repertoire.

    The Tennessee Tech Symphony Band has performed for state, regional, and national conventions of the Music Educators National Conference and the College Band Directors National Association and is regularly asked to record new music for publishers of band music. The Symphony Band's performances have been featured on National Public Radio and Public Television, and the band regularly seeks and is requested to premiere new literature.

    The Symphony Band is a focal point for the annual Festival of Winds and Percussion, an honor band weekend, which creates an atmosphere of learning and sharing between high school and college students and the conductors from the six-state region.

    The Festival of Winds and Percussion brings the Nations's finest conductors to the Tennessee Tech campus. Some of the notable guests who have worked with the Tech Symphony Band are Morton Gould, Aaron Copland, Vincent Persichetti, Robert Jager, Vaclav Nelhybel, Claude T. Smith, Fisher Tull, John Paynter, Karel Husa, Mark Camphouse, Frank Erickson, Ken Bloomquist, Jared Spears, Jerry Junkin, Frank Wickes, James Croft, Ray Cramer, James Keene, Elliot Del Borgo, Myron Welch, Tom Lee, John Boyd, and David Waybright.

    Graduates of the Tennessee Tech Symphony Band have held positions in each of the premiere military bands in Washington D.C., have pursued further graduate study at other universities, are serving as noted conductors and teachers in public and private schools and colleges, and are exceptional music professionals and respected colleagues throughout the world.

  • Wind Ensemble

    Wind Ensemble

    CONTACT: Dr. Eric Harris, Associate Director of Bands

    Phone: 931-372-3728 | Email:

    The Tennessee Tech Wind Ensemble is a highly select group of instrumentalists selected by private audition.

    Its composition, consistent with the history of chamber winds and the wind ensemble concept, is flexible and instrumentation is determined by the demands of the musical works it is performing.

    This ensemble performs a variety of works ranging from the 16th century brass music of Gabrielli, the harmonie of Mozart, to the exploratory compositions of the modern era.

    The Wind Ensemble exists as the primary concert ensemble in the Fall semester. During the Spring semester, the Wind Ensemble is incorporated as a part of the Symphony Band.

    The ensemble's concept capitalizes on the strength of individual players, usually one on a part, and a changing instrumentation. The Wind Ensemble utilizes player rotation on many parts providing students with a rich ensemble experience.

  • Concert Band

    Concert Band

    Contact: Dr. Eric Harris, Associate Director of Bands
    Phone: 931-372-3728 | Email:

    The Concert Band is an ensemble which studies exceptional band literature and promotes the finest in wind and percussion performance and is comprised of enthusiastic majors and non-majors who enjoy performing.

    The ensemble provides a valuable experience for music students to become familiar with the band's significant repertoire and an outlet for students of other majors to be a part of an excellent ensemble.

    The Concert Band performs two programs per year during the Spring semester and frequently has the opportunity to serve as a reading ensemble for student compositions and arrangements. While a membership audition is not required, everyone is asked to perform a private audition for chair placement.


Zero Credit Ensemble Policy

All students are encouraged to enroll in music ensembles. 

All ensemble classes are offered in double sections:  a 1-credit section and a 0-credit section.

Enrollment in an ensemble for zero credit is subject to the following conditions:

  • All enrollees will be graded, with the grade appearing on the transcript as usual.
  • Only full-time students, as defined by the University, are eligible for zero-credit sections.
  • Music majors must register for credit for all ensembles that are required under their curricular concentration and option. After the requirement is met, any student can be accepted into any ensemble for zero credit by permission of the instructor.

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