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Freshman Orientation (SOAR)

Student Orientation FAQs

⪢ Do I have to attend SOAR? (top of page)

Yes, SOAR is required. Students must attend all of the scheduled events over the 2-day program in order to receive their Fall schedule. Please do not reserve a SOAR session if you cannot attend the entire program.

⪢ Can I bring a guest with me to SOAR? (top of page)

Yes, we encourage students' parents/guardians to come with them to SOAR. During the program, there will be activities for both students and their parents/guardians. There is an additional guest fee. Due to overall occupancy, we have a limit of one (1) guest per student reservation and recommend any guest attending to be at a mature age due to the duration of the program.

Please Note: Due to maximum occupancy restrictions, we may be unable to add guests after registration begins and sessions fill. 


⪢ How do I receive a SOAR invitation? (top of page)

To receive an invitation to attend SOAR, a student needs to be admitted to the University. Invitation letters are mailed out in the Spring (mid-late March) to each student's home mailing address. The Office of New Student & Family Programs will send out SOAR invitations once a week to students admitted after the initial mailing. Please allow 3 or 4 business days for your invitation to arrive.


⪢ I can't login to register for SOAR. How do I reset my password? (top of page)

In order to complete your SOAR reservation, students will need to login and access their Tech student email before beginning the registration process. If you do not know how to access your account or need assistance resetting your password, visit


⪢ How much does it cost to attend SOAR? (top of page)

Currently, there is no fee for students to attend SOAR. There is a guest attendance fee of $36 (up to 1 guest per student). At this time we are unable to offer any fee waivers for SOAR.

The following payment methods are accepted for guest attendance: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards and debit cards with a Visa or MasterCard logo. 


⪢ I'm not starting until the Spring semester. Can I still attend SOAR? (top of page)

If you are an incoming Freshman student starting Tech in the Spring semester then you may sign up for Spring Orientation once your admission to the University is complete. For more information, please visit our Spring Orientation page. 


⪢ I can't attend SOAR. How do I register for classes? (top of page)

If you cannot attend any of the sessions, you will be able to register the day before Fall classes start. For Fall 2021, classes start on Thursday, August 19, so you would be able to register on Wednesday, August 18. 

⪢ How do I reschedule my SOAR session to a different date? (top of page)

After creating your reservation within our system, you will be allowed to re-login to make changes to your reservation up to 7 business days prior to your initial scheduled date. Please refer to your SOAR Invitation letter regarding the link to access the SOAR Reservation System. Please Contact Us to make any changes to your reservation. 

⪢ I no longer plan on attending Tech. What do I need to do? (top of page)

Students who no longer plan on attending Tech should complete the Update Application Form. If you are unable to access this form please call the Office of Admissions at (931) 372-3888 or the Office of New Student & Family Programs at (931) 372-3245, and we will be able to assist you with your decision. 

⪢ My friend will also be a freshman this Fall. Can they come as my guest? (top of page)

Each student who is admitted to the University will receive an invitation to attend SOAR. A reservation for each student is needed in order to attend SOAR and register for their classes. SOAR Sessions have limited availability so students and their friends are encouraged to make their reservations as soon as they can to get the same session.

⪢ What activities will happen at SOAR? (top of page)

During SOAR, students and their parent/guest will participate in a number of events, such as panel discussions, meetings with current students, staff, and faculty, and advisement for class schedules. Before leaving SOAR, each student will have registered for their Fall classes.

⪢ Can I stay overnight on campus? (top of page)

Students and their parents/guests are able to stay overnight on campus during the June and July sessions only (we are not able to offer on-campus lodging for the May or August sessions). If you and/or your guest need to stay on campus overnight, we recommend attending one of the June or July sessions.

Staying overnight on campus costs $25/person. Participants are also able to make overnight accommodations at a local hotel, or can stay at home (if feasible) or with a friend overnight. For a list of hotels in the area please go to the Cookeville Visitors Bureau website.


⪢ The SOAR session I want is closed. Is there a waiting list? (top of page)

Space is limited at each of the SOAR sessions, so please reserve your date as early as possible. Each session is available on a first-come, first-serve basis. If a session fills up, it will be closed to any further reservations. Please choose a date that is open to ensure that you will be able to attend SOAR.

We do not offer waiting lists for any SOAR sessions. If the session you want is closed, we encourage you to register for the next available session. Students can always periodically log back into the registration portal or Contact Us to see if any additional spaces have opened up in a session. 


⪢ Will I have to pay my tuition at SOAR? (top of page)

No. Students will need to confirm their schedules and pay their tuition/fees by 11:59pm (central) on August 17, 2021 for the Fall 2021 semester. Due to the fiscal year (July 1 - June 30) and the Tennessee Governor's budget approval process, fees are not assigned for the upcoming academic year until after the new fiscal year begins (July 1).

For more information regarding how to confirm enrollment and pay tuition & fees visit the Bursar's Office website. Students who do not pay & confirm by the above deadlines will have their schedules purged and will be required to re-register for the upcoming semester.


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