SOAR Fees & Lodging

SOAR Fees & Lodging

Below is an explanation of the SOAR fees for both admitted students (freshman) and their guests. Guest registration may vary once SOAR registration opens due to overall session occupancy.

Payment for any applicable fees (guest attendance fees or on-campus lodging) will be accepted online during the registration process by using a credit card (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, or Discover) or an authorized Visa/MasterCard debit card.

SOAR Attendance Fee

Attendance Fee Type Fee
Admitted Freshman Student No Fee
Guest* $36 per guest
2 guest limit per student

*Due to overall occupancy restrictions per SOAR session, we cannot guarantee all students will be allowed to bring a guest. In this case, we encourage students to select the next available session where guest registration is possible


On-Campus Lodging Fee

  Room Type Fee Per Person
Student Double Occupancy $25/person

Double Occupancy $25/person
Private Occupancy (Only available for adult guests) $25/person

Overnight lodging in the residence halls DOES NOT include linens. Students and guests registered to stay on campus should bring linens for an extra-long twin bed, pillow, blanket, towel, and wash cloth.


Students will be roomed with another student of the same gender, separate from their guests.

Guests (parents, etc.) may request to room with another guest (ex. spouse or another student's parent). The lodging fee is required for each guest staying on-campus overnight regardless of age. *Limit 2 guests per room.

If you have selected SOAR On-Campus Lodging on your reservation, please arrive prior to SOAR check-in to receive your residence hall room key. Check-in for on-campus lodging is located in New Hall South lobby (see Campus Maps) and begins at 8:00 am (central) on the first day of your reserved SOAR session. This will allow students who need to complete pre-SOAR tests (e.g. ACCUPlacer) to check in prior to testing.* 

*Students will be notified via their Tech email if they are required to complete any pre-SOAR tests.


Other Lodging Options

Participants can also choose to make their own arrangement at a local hotel, or if feasible, can stay at home or with a friend overnight. For a list of hotels that have partnerships and discounts with the University, check out the Cookeville Visitors' Bureau "Stay Here" website and locate the "Hotels" section.

Don't Forget... When making your reservation to ask if the hotel provides a "Tech discount".

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