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Freshman Orientation (SOAR)

Parent/Guest Orientation FAQs

⪢ Why should I attend SOAR with my student? (top of page)

We encourage our parents of new students, especially new freshman, to attend SOAR. While your student is learning about being a Tennessee Tech student, you'll learn about being a parent to a Tech student. Our faculty, administrators and staff will be at SOAR so you can meet the people who will be working with your student during college. It's a great time to get those "last-minute" questions answered, experience our beautiful campus, and help your student prepare to join the Tech family.

⪢ How much does it cost to attend SOAR? (top of page)

Currently, there is a $36 guest attendance fee to attend SOAR. 

Due to overall occupancy, we have a limit of one (1) guest per student reservation. Please note that due to maximum occupancy restrictions, we may be unable to add guests after registration begins and sessions fill.

⪢ I can't attend SOAR. Will there be anyone to help my student? (top of page)

We will have numerous faculty, staff, administrators and current students assisting your student during SOAR. Parents/Guardians are encouraged to attend SOAR, but if a student needs to attend alone, we will be available to help them navigate to all session locations, participate in events, and register for classes.

⪢ What are the overnight lodging options for parents/guests? (top of page)

Parents and guests are able to stay overnight on campus with their student during the June and July sessions only (we are not able to offer on-campus lodging for the May or August sessions. If you and/or your student need to stay on campus overnight, we recommend attending one of the June or July sessions.

Staying overnight on campus costs $25/person. Participants are also able to make overnight accommodations at a local hotel, or can stay at home (if feasible) or with a friend overnight. For a list of hotels in the area please go to the Cookeville Visitors Bureau website.

⪢ Will I be able to help my student with their class registration? (top of page)

To start forming the advisor/student relationship, the parent will not be in the course registration/advisement session. Each student will be working with an academic advisor at SOAR, and the advisor will help your student choose the right classes for the following semester. All of our academic advisors are experienced in helping students enroll in the correct classes and in the right order. Parents are not responsible for their student's course selection.

⪢ I have a young child at home. Can I bring them with me? (top of page)

SOAR is designed for incoming college students and their parents. Young children probably won't enjoy the activities, and we encourage parents to find alternative care for young children while parents/students are at SOAR. In addition, due to overall occupancy limits, we are unable to accommodate more than 1 guest per student reservation.

⪢ My student can't attend SOAR. Can I attend for them? (top of page)

Parents are not able to attend SOAR and register for classes for their student. If a student cannot attend a particular SOAR session, please make arrangements to attend a later session of SOAR or simply register for classes the day before classes start (August 18, 2021) in the Fall.

⪢ Will I have to pay my student's tuition at SOAR? (top of page)

No. Students will need to confirm their schedules and pay their tuition/fees by 11:59pm (central) on August 17, 2021 for the Fall 2021 semester. 

For more information regarding how to confirm enrollment and pay tuition & fees visit the Bursar's Office website. Students who do not pay & confirm by the above deadlines will have their schedules purged and will be required to re-register for the upcoming semester.



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