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Trainings & Mini-Trainings

The Web & Digital Media team offers a variety of trainings and mini-trainings, as well as the much larger, walk-in Web Assembly. Below is a list of trainings we offer, with links to further information. Once you're approved for training, trainings can be scheduled online at your convenience.

If you have any questions about the trainings offered, let us know!

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Omni CMS Trainings

There are a number of trainings available for Omni CMS, beginning with Omni CMS 101 - Editor Training, completion of which gives you access to Omni CMS and the ability to edit pages. More advanced trainings are available, covering more complex aspects, and allowing users access to additional areas of Omni CMS.

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Digital Signage Trainings

There are dozens of digital signs around campus, and they're all managed using the REACH content management system. In order to gain access to REACH, users must first complete training. Trainings are available for single users as well as groups.

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For trained users of Omni CMS or REACH who would like a quick, 30-minute or less refresher, we offer mini-trainings as well! Mini-trainings can be scheduled for one person or for groups; if you'd like to schedule a mini-training for more than 3 people, we ask that you contact us first before booking online.

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Web Assembly

The Web & Digital Media team puts on a general assembly for all Omni CMS web managers and editors, covering new features, web announcements, and short lessons on new topics related to Tech's website. Web assembly attendance is not required for continued access, but is always recommended! Upcoming Web Assembly dates are posted to the Web Assembly page and announced via email.

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Communications & Marketing