The field of medicine is a noble area of study – and very broad. Choose a career in medicine, and you’re in for a lifetime of service to a broad population – a challenging yet rewarding occupation. Quality medical attention is essential to everyone at some point, whether it be due to injury, surgery, pregnancy, therapy, or sickness. You could be the one to provide care or even save someone’s life one day.

While pursuing a bachelor's degree at Tennessee Tech, students will follow the suggested career track coursework and engage in related co-curricular activities to prepare for the graduate professional school of their choice.

Most health professional schools and allied health science programs will require academic coursework before students are admitted into the program. Upon completion of your degree from Tech, you will have much of the required coursework completed before applying to medical school programs. 

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Degree Requirements, Coursework, & Career Information:

Students pursuing the Pre-Medicine Career Track typically major in one of the following programs:
Note: Medical schools accept any major, so students are encouraged to explore a major according to their interests and strengths. To explore other Majors and Concentrations at Tennessee Tech, visit
Career Information:

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Additional information regarding general academic requirements:

Student Clubs and Organizations

Students pursuing the Pre-Medicine Career Track participate in the following student organizations at Tennessee Tech. Involvement within these clubs and organizations provide viable experience, networks, and further connects students with their program of study and career goals.

  • American Society of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Chemical Medical Sciences Club
  • Student Members of the American Chemical Society
  • Remote Area Medical Clinic

Professional Resources:

Medical Schools:

The following is a non-comprehensive list of professional schools Tech graduates attend upon completion of their coursework at Tennessee Tech.