Non-Degree Seeking

Non-Degree Seeking Students

If you are interested in taking course(s) but not earning a degree, you must be admitted as a non-degree seeking student.

Non-Degree Seeking students typically are one of the following:
  • Transients (a student who is enrolled in one college or university (their home institution) and takes courses temporarily in another college or university (their host institution) with the intention of transferring the course credit back to their home institution)
  • International students (waiting on transcript evaluations for major declaration)
  • Exchange students
  • State or university employees (including faculty/staff) wanting to take a class and not pursue a degree
  • Individuals wanting to take a course(s) for professional development
  • Individuals "auditing" a course for self-enrichment and academic exploration
Note: Dual Enrollment (DE) students should visit the Dual Enrollment website for information about applying.
There are two types of Non-Degree Seeking admits:
  • Undergraduate (most common) - those taking an undergraduate-level class for personal enrichment, pursuing an add-on endorsement to a teaching license, earning a craft certificate, or completing a prerequisite for a graduate program
  • Graduate - those taking a graduate-level class seeking credit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam; teaching certification/endorsement

Depending on the course level and the reason you plan to enroll in a course(s) as a non-degree seeking student, you may need to apply for either Undergraduate Admission or Graduate Admission through the respective application found here:

If you are unsure which application your should complete, email and provide details about what you are hoping to achieve and type of course(s) you're interested in taking by enrolling as a non-degree seeking student. 

What's Next after Admission?


Next Steps after Admission

Step 1 - Required documentation...

Upon your admission, you may be required to submit documentation to Health Services before being able to register for courses. Information on the University's Immunization Requirements is available here -

Step 2 - Set Up Your TechExpress Account

TechExpress is a powerful resource you'll use often! You'll find all your most-used Tennessee Tech resources, including your Tech email, WiFi password, T-Number, University news and events, the campus directory, and so much more. TechExpress also automatically logs you into all campus websites. You won't need to remember multiple usernames and passwords for different sites; as long as you're logged into TechExpress, you're good to go!

» TechExpress Help: How to set up your TechExpress Account


Step 3 - Access Eagle Online (Student Account portal) & Email

Eagle Online: This is the student portal you will use to access class schedules, financial aid (if applicable), and other student information.


Tech Email: Every new student at Tech is given a Tech email account. Your email will be the primary communication method for campus departments and platforms.


Step 4 - Advisement & Registration

We have organized the sections below to better assist you with navigating the next steps in advisement and registration as a non-degree seeking student. Please read each section below to help connect you with an advisor on campus.

I am...

For more information about Non-Degree Seeking Undergraduate Admission, visit Undergraduate Admissions - Non-Degree Seeking.