This collaborative plan will provide the framework to further distinguish Tennessee Tech in the 21st century by focusing on our ability to adapt to rapid technological change, as well as by engaging the campus community in our shared priorities.

Working Group Chairs Leading Campus Toward TN Tech Tomorrow

Ed Lisic

Professor of Chemistry

Education for Life

Tennessee Tech provides education that unleashes the potential and passion within our students and prepares them for successful careers and culturally enriched lives. TTU also provides educational opportunities, programs, credentials, and degrees to fuel the lifelong learning necessary for enduring achievement.

Group Members

Jason Beach

Associate Professor of C&I

Innovation in All We Do

Tennessee Tech innovates in all we do, embracing and deploying our technological foundation in our education, research, service, and stewardship.

Group Members

Ann Davis

Associate Professor of Accounting

Exceptional Stewardship

Tennessee Tech is committed to optimizing resources and continuously improving effectiveness, efficiency, and return on investment for students.

Group Members

Bedelia Russell

Associate Professor of Nursing Instruction

Engagement for Impact

Tennessee Tech fosters partnerships with government, business, and non-profit organizations to advance economic and workforce development, create and disseminate knowledge, serve the public good, and generate cultural impact.

Group Members

These leaders invite you to share your input or submit your questions.


Tennessee’s technological university creates, advances, and applies knowledge to expand opportunity and economic competitiveness. As a STEM-infused, comprehensive institution, Tennessee Tech delivers enduring education, impactful research, and collaborative service


Tennessee Tech will achieve national prominence and impact through its engaged students, dedicated faculty, and career-ready graduates known for their creativity, tenacity, and analytical approach to problem solving.

Resources for Discussion

What does Tech do well now? What should we do in the future?

Your input will help the university in planning for the Tech of tomorrow.

Tennessee Tech Grand Challenge provides a definition of a Grand Challenge: “Grand Challenges are ambitious but achievable goals that harness science, technology, and innovation to solve important national or global problems, and that have the potential to capture the public’s imagination.”

For Tennessee Tech, a regional Grand Challenge with a focus on rural areas has been discussed. This accomplishes what a global or national challenge does in the return on investment to the community. An example of a Grand Challenge discussed by the strategic planning committees (made up of faculty, students, staff and administrators) is "Challenges that Face Rural Areas." One reason this has been popular is due to the ability to replicate accomplishments anywhere in Tennessee, America or the world.

A primary goal of the selected Grand Challenge is to provide the opportunity for campus-wide participation. If the challenge is broad enough in scope but easily crafted into many coherent projects, the diversity of ways to solve a Grand Challenge can be incorporated on varying scales and in different projects for Tennessee Tech’s unique and individual colleges and departments. In Tennessee Tech's current financial landscape, ideas that have minimal to no cost to the University will be especially regarded.

President's Message

I believe it’s time for Tennessee Tech University to stake claim to the value and vision faculty, staff, students and alumni know from experience: Tech is Tennessee’s best university for a real education for real people who seek real careers.

We have the best educational return on investment in Tennessee. This is based on our affordable tuition, coupled with successful career placement for our graduates. As we shout that message with confidence, we must focus on anticipating and preparing for change.

In his book “The Industries of the Future,” Alec Ross clearly points out in lay terms the changes we are about to experience due to technological achievements in genomics, robotics, codification of money and markets, cybersecurity, big data, and autonomous transportation.

We stand in an ideal position to educate our students on the social, economic and historical impact of these technologies. This sets Tennessee Tech apart from most other universities.

We must plan to take advantage of our position. That’s why this Strategic Planning Process is so important. It’s designed to capture the energy, information and innovation from our campus community and to share clear strategic direction across campus.

I ask you to take part in the journey and forever be a part of taking Tennessee Tech to a stronger, higher place. We are Tennessee Tech!