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Portrait of Dr. Timmerman

Exceptional Stewardship

Strategic Goal Three

Tennessee Tech is committed to optimizing resources and continuously improving effectiveness, efficiency, and return on investment for students.

Faculty Chair of Working Group:
Tom Timmerman, Department of Decision Sciences and Management

Strategic Actions

Priority Action A
Improve efficiency and effectiveness of operational/administrative processes and procedures.

    • eTranscripts sent securely and populate Banner without manual entry
    • Electronic course substitution form
    • TechExpress
    • Launchpad University Advising Center
    • Piloting use of D2L server already in place for digital tenure and promotion submission

Priority Action B
Increase the size and effectiveness of scholarship endowments.

Priority Action C
Continue to develop, implement, and evaluate a dynamic long-term budget model that informs effective financial management and consistent strategic investment.

    • Establishment of 5-year strategic budget planning committee
    • Restructure of university Budget Advisory Committee to create topic-specific subcommittees (5-year Budget, Facilities & Infrastructure, Effectiveness & Efficiency, Emerging Threats & Opportunities)
    • Development of training sessions about annual budget process

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