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Portrait of Dr. Timmerman

Exceptional Stewardship

Strategic Goal Three

Tennessee Tech is committed to optimizing resources and continuously improving effectiveness, efficiency, and return on investment for students.

Faculty Chair of Working Group:
Tom Timmerman, Department of Decision Sciences and Management

Current Initiatives

Enrollment Data Analytics Task Force

Utilizing data about Tech students, this task force is leveraging university expertise in business intelligence via College of Business faculty and senior capstone students to examine factors in student retention and recruitment, and develop proposals on how to best use this intelligence. 

Task Force

  • Tom Timmerman (chair)
  • Curtis Armstrong, Professor of Decision Sciences & Management
  • Allen Mullis, Executive Director of Student Success
  • Judy Riggsbee, Senior Director of Enrollment Data & Systems

University Compensation Study

Tennessee Tech University is reviewing the university’s current compensation plan and classification structure which are essential elements to attracting and retaining faculty and staff. 

To make progress toward this important goal, a full-time faculty and staff compensation and classification study is underway in partnership with Mercer, a recognized leader in higher education consulting. 

While this university-wide effort is being led by Human Resources, Tom Timmerman is a member of the project team, which will provide input, guidance, oversight, and assistance to Mercer, our consultant partner, to identify strategies and options for upgrading or revising the current compensation model and classification structure.  

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