Tech Tomorrow

Mission, Vision & Core Principles


Tennessee’s technological university creates, advances, and applies knowledge to expand opportunity and economic competitiveness. As a STEM-infused, comprehensive institution, Tennessee Tech delivers enduring education, impactful research, and collaborative service.


Tennessee Tech will achieve national prominence and impact through its engaged students, dedicated faculty, and career-ready graduates known for their creativity, tenacity, and analytical approach to problem solving.

Core Principles

Academic Excellence — We expect and produce high academic achievement, foster collaboration, exemplify integrity, and inspire creativity and realized potential for the entire campus community.

Community Engagement — We collaborate with community members and organizations to advance positive societal and economic needs.

Meaningful Innovation — We are purposefully innovative in all we do.

Student Success — We empower students to realize their potential, craft individualized experiences, and discover their passion.

Supportive Environment — We are committed to a diverse and welcoming community and provide a campus size and atmosphere that fosters personal attention and fit.

Value Creation — We provide a high return on investment from our state, tuition, and donor resources and foster productive, responsible, and caring contributors to society.

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