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Strategic Goal One

Tennessee Tech provides education that unleashes the potential and passion within our students and prepares them for successful careers and culturally enriched lives. Tech also provides educational opportunities, programs, credentials, and degrees to fuel the lifelong learning necessary for enduring achievement.

Faculty Chair of Working Group:
Lenly Weathers, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Current Initiatives

Curricular Learning Communities

This task force is examining benefits to students of curricular learning communities, and is piloting a program of about 80 students for the Fall 2023 semester. 

Research shows that students who participate in CLCs have higher retention rates, academic achievement (based on GPA course grades), graduation rates, and time to degree completion. 

This proposal is also aligned with strategic goal 3 (Exceptional Stewardship).

Task Force

  • Lenly Weathers (chair)
  • Julie Baker, Associate Dean, College of Education
  • Tony Baker, Professor of English, Director of First-Year Composition Program
  • Brandi Fletcher, Director of Records & Registration
  • Allan Mills, Associate Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
  • Allen Mullis, Executive Director of Student Success
  • Kumar Yelamarthi, Associate Dean, College of Engineering

Residential Learning Communities

This group will examine potential benefits to students of a residential learning communities (RLCs) program at Tennessee Tech. RLCs are considered a cluster of students living in campus residential housing that share a living space based on their interest in a common topic. RLCs are widely acknowledged as a best practice in higher education, having been shown to increase student retention rates and academic performance,  as well as increase overall satisfaction with college.  

Task Force

An small informal group has held early discussions about this, with a task force or committee expected to be formed this fall.



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