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Portrait of Lenly Weathers

Education for Life

Strategic Goal One

Tennessee Tech provides education that unleashes the potential and passion within our students and prepares them for successful careers and culturally enriched lives. Tech also provides educational opportunities, programs, credentials, and degrees to fuel the lifelong learning necessary for enduring achievement.

Faculty Chair of Working Group:
Lenly Weathers, Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

Strategic Actions

Priority Action A
Incorporate multiple experiential learning opportunities in all undergraduate programs.

    • Rural Reimagined Grand Challenge finishing its third year
    • ePortfolio initiative

Priority Action B
Create a Tech-unique general curriculum to provide the foundation for technologically adept, analytically capable, career-ready graduates.

    • Career Readiness Certifications

Priority Action C
Increase student diversity.

    • Chief Diversity Officer position established (President's Cabinet)
    • Admissions counselor for diversity hired
    • Ethnic Diversity Recruitment Plan
    • President-appointed task force

Priority Action D
Develop and expand experiences that emphasize diversity and build global awareness, such as international travel, study abroad, and other high impact practices.

    • Study Abroad RFP issued to provide greater service options to faculty.

Priority Action E
Develop innovative, stackable credentials, and associated pathways responsive to stakeholder needs and entrepreneurial opportunities.

    • College of Education and College of Business added and embedded graduate certificates as part of academic graduate programs.




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