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Engagement for Impact

Strategic Goal Four

Tennessee Tech fosters partnerships with government, business, and non-profit organizations to advance economic and workforce development, create and disseminate knowledge, serve the public good, and generate cultural impact.

Faculty Chair of Working Group:
Jeremy Blair, School of Art, Craft & Design

Strategic Actions

Priority Action A
Develop new strategically driven sustainable partnerships.

    • Prepared inventory of current partnerships (academic, financial, and economic)

Priority Action B
Modernize, adapt, and create academic programs, continuing education certificates, and training activities responsive to impactful engagement.

    • Academic Programs Gap Analysis
    • Use of D2L server already in place to develop and offer continuing education and professional development courses

Priority Action C
Create and support a network of scholars to evaluate community engagement topics and opportunities.

    • Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence launched
    • University Fellows Program (in implementation)

Priority Action D
Increase alumni and friend engagement and impact.

    • Alumni engagement with the Golden Eagle Alumni Mentoring Network

Priority Action E
Support economic development to transform and sustain a thriving hub for innovation, creativity, and employment opportunities.

    • Continue to work with both regional and statewide economic development offices

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