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Engagement for Impact

Strategic Goal Four

Tennessee Tech fosters partnerships with government, business, and non-profit organizations to advance economic and workforce development, create and disseminate knowledge, serve the public good, and generate cultural impact.

Faculty Chair of Working Group:
Jeremy Blair, School of Art, Craft & Design

Current Initiatives

Global Experience

This group is exploring the creation of an all-inclusive global research and learning hub for both faculty and students. The center’s leadership develops, facilitates, and supports study abroad opportunities, student and faculty exchanges, international teaching residencies, sustainable global partnerships, international recruiting, and new global degree programs. The Center for Global Experience identifies workforce and business development opportunities, encourages global entrepreneurship, provides cultural enrichment for students, and sparks a lifelong spirit of exploration. 

Task Force

A task force or committee is expected to form this fall.

Academic Community Engagement & Development Program

The Academic Community Engagement & Development (ACED) Committee will be a faculty-led and community-informed committee that identifies beneficial engagement topics and collaborative opportunities for K-12 and adult learners. Committee members will inventory existing Tennessee Tech academic community partnerships, programs, certificates, events, and offerings to identify gaps and evaluate existing engagement levels. ACED will evaluate community engagement topics and opportunities and encourage and support faculty involvement. 

Task Force

No task force or committee has been formed yet.

Art, Culture & Innovation Program

The Art, Culture & Innovation (ACI) program will celebrate the creative, cultural, historical, and innovative offerings at Tennessee Tech by designing specialized campus tours and interconnected exhibitions highlighting the university’s collections, artworks, architecture, historical sites, and innovations. This program will develop new experiential outreach initiatives and sustainable partnerships that will further shape and define Tennessee Tech’s culture by creatively telling the university’s story through diverse and multi-disciplinary perspectives. 

Task Force

A task force or committee is expected to form this fall.

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