Tennessee Tech ROTC Alumni Association invites you to join us! Memberships available are outlined below, please check your eligibility and select from the click boxes below to join us.

  • Regular membership

    Regular membership is available to all graduates or former attendees of Tennessee Tech who:

    1. Received a commission in the United States military forces through the ROTC Department at Tennessee Tech;

    2. Completed at least one ROTC class while enrolled at Tennessee Tech; or

    3. Participated in any ROTC extracurricular clubs or activities while enrolled at Tennessee Tech (such as Pershing Rifles, Golden Nuggets, Capers, ROTC Band, Tech Rangers, etc.)

  • Associate membership

    Associate membership is available to:

    1. Spouses and/or children of a person who qualifies for the Regular membership;

    2. Former or current ROTC Cadre members;

    3. Other current or former Tennessee Tech faculty or administrators who wish to support the Tennessee Tech ROTC Department and its mission; or

    4. Any other person interested in supporting the Tennessee Tech ROTC Department and its mission.

For additional information or for any questions, please email us at