Requirements to join ROTC

Requirement to Join ROTC

  • Minimum Requirements:

    - Full time enrollment defined as 15 academic hours (12 hours + 3 ROTC hours)

    - Meet Cadet Enrollment eligibility as outlined on CC Form 139-R & CC PAM 145-4: academic status, character, conscientious objection, tattoos, citizenship, and medical fitness

    - Cumulative GPA of 2.5 or better; meets Height/Weight & Physical Fitness standards


    Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP):

    Requires contracting into our Upper Division:

    - allows a Cadet to serve in either the U.S. Army Reserve or Tennessee Army National Guard at the same time. It gives you an opportunity for additional training and experience. Cadets serve as Officer Trainees in the Reserve or National Guard while completing college. You can earn Reserve/Guard pay and benefits in addition to your Army ROTC allowances

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