• Do I have to do Junior ROTC to be in Army ROTC?
o Absolutely not! No experience is required prior to joining TN Tech ROTC. The curriculum is designed to be a four year sequential leader development experience that transforms a college student into an Army officer. Only about 25% of our Cadets did Junior ROTC in high school, so do not worry if you do not have any JROTC or prior-military experience. 

• If I enroll to do ROTC does that mean I’m joining the Army?
o No. You can enroll in Freshman and Sophomore ROTC classes with no service obligation. The obligation comes when you decide to contract into the ROTC program (usually during your Junior year) to become an Army Officer. Many students enroll in Military Science classes their Freshman or Sophomore year and decide for a variety of reasons not to contract and join the Army. They walk away from the program with better leadership skills and typically more physically fit! We encourage everyone to give ROTC a try and see if they like it.

 • Is the Army like I see in movies?

o No, movies exaggerate the parts of the Army that appeal to the audience the most. Army Officers can serve in one of 17 different career fields ranging from combat branches such as Aviation, Infantry, Armor, and Field Artillery to support branches such as Medical Service, Transportation, Finance, and Human Resources.

• Will I have to go to US Army Basic Training?
o No. ROTC Cadets receive all required training on campus and during Advanced Camp at Fort Knox, KY. If Cadets join ROTC as a Lateral Entry Cadet, then they may have to go to Basic Camp at Fort Knox, KY for 31-days, but this is far different from the US Army Basic Training that lasts for 16 – 22 weeks.

• Do I have to start ROTC first semester freshman year?
o No. You typically have two options - First, you could “compress” the first two years of military science by taking both first- and second-year classes in the second year. If you cannot complete all the courses, we can send you to ROTC Basic Camp in the summer between your second and third year. This is a five-week summer training camp at Fort Knox, KY, that enables you to enter the Advanced Course. In addition to catching you up on everything you missed in the campus program, you can choose to compete for a scholarship. Also, you are paid to attend the course, just like a summer job.

• If I’m enlisted in the Army National Guard or US Army Reserve can I be in ROTC?
o Absolutely! About 10% of the Cadets in the Golden Eagle Battalion are in the Simultaneous Member Program (SMP), which means they are both in the Guard/Reserve and in ROTC. ROTC offers the perfect opportunity to pursue your college requirements while you earn your officer's commission. There are several benefits of being an SMP Cadet including Drill pay at E-5 rate, access to extra military training opportunities, and being a well-rounded leader with experience in an enlisted capacity.

 • I want to stay in Tennessee and use my degree is that possible?

o Definitely! ROTC officers who wish to serve in either the National Guard or US Army Reserve can select duty assignments in Tennessee and pursue a civilian career in line with their degree or other areas of interest.

• Can I major in ROTC?

o No, you can select any academic major that Tennessee Tech offers and earn a degree in the academic discipline of your choice. Although ROTC is not a major, you can earn a Minor in Military Science upon completion of the ROTC program. In the Golden Eagle Battalion we take academic achievement very seriously and Cadets are “students first, Cadets always.” During the school year if there is a conflict between academics and ROTC, then academic requirements will take precedence over ROTC.

• If I commission through ROTC, do I have to be Active Duty?
o No. Selection for Active Duty assignment is competitive, so if you want to serve as an officer in either the National Guard or US Army Reserve in a part time capacity, then you can choose to do so.

 • If I have already completed my Bachelor’s Degree, can I complete ROTC while in Graduate School working on a Master’s Degree?

o Yes, as long as you have four academic semesters (Fall/Spring) remaining, you are still eligible to enroll in Army ROTC.

 • How do I contact Tennessee Tech's Army ROTC Program?

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