Cadet Activities


Tech Rangers

o The Tech Ranger Team consists of highly motivated Cadet volunteers who prepare themselves mentally, physically, and tactically for the annual Bold Warrior Ranger Challenge Competition held at Fort Knox, KY in October. This competition brings together all 38 Ranger Challenge teams from the ROTC programs across Tennessee, Kentucky, Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. Tech Rangers routinely practice one-rope bridges, ruck marching, and other skills to prepare them for the competition.

Tech Rangers crossing rope


Color Guard

o Color Guard is one of the most noticeable extracurricular activities within the Golden Eagle Battalion. Being part of the Color Guard allows a Cadet to learn the proper procedures for presenting the national colors at a various ceremonies throughout the year. The Color Guard presents the national colors during the National Anthem at all home football games, at the Military Ball, the Tennessee Tech Veterans Day Program, and other special events in the community.

Color Guard


Cannon Team

o The Cannon Team operates the cannon at every home football game and other special events at the University and in the community. At home football games the cannon is fired when Tech scores or when Tech kicks off. The Cannon Team operates as a 4-person crew and learns proper firing commands, safety, and maintenance of the cannon. Participating in the Cannon Team is a great way for Cadets to develop leadership skills, discipline, and represent the Golden Eagle Battalion in high-profile events.






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