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Agronomy and Soils

A student searches for the horizon break

What is Agronomy and Soils?

Agronomy and Soils students study the plant-soil relationship associated with production of agronomic crops for food, fuel and fibers. A balance of coursework in crop science and soil science prepare students for careers in production of agronomic crops.

How can I use an Agronomy and Soils Degree?

Graduates enter the following careers:
•extension agents
•natural resources conservation service employees
•herbicide, fertilizer, and seed industry research and development specialist
•sales representatives

Agronomy and Soils at Tennessee Tech

Agronomy and Soils students will find many facilities at Tennessee Tech that will enhance their learning experience. The Tech Farm is a 300-acre working, teaching and research farm located 3 miles from campus. The Tech Farm is also home to the Hyder-Burks Pavilion, which hosts multiple agricultural activities including The Home Show, the Tennessee Tech Garden Club Annual Plant Sale, and Farm Days.



Assistant Professor:
Dr. Brian Leckie

 harvesting honey
Harvesting honey

transplanting tomatoes
Transplanting tomatoes

strawberry harvest
Strawberry harvest


plant id
Plant identification

pruning grape vines

Pruning grape vines

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