School of Agriculture

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I get contact information for the professors? 
Access the Faculty and Staff page. Office numbers, phone numbers and email addresses are available for you.

2. What types of scholarships are available in the School of Agriculture? 
Access the Scholarships page. The page lists all of the scholarships that are available in the school and also has a link to ScholarWeb.

3. Where do I find important university dates and deadlines? 
These are also found by accessing the Academic Calendar page.

4. What types of clubs are available in the School of Agriculture? How do I find out who is the club advisor and when they meet? 
Access the Student Organizations page. A description (including meeting day/time/location), and advisor's contact information may be accessed for each organization and club.

5. How do I find out information about the School of Agriculture off-campus facilities? 
Access the Tech Farms page. Here you will access information and photos about the Hyder Burks Pavilion, Tech Farm, Coorts Arboretum, the Nursery Research and Service Center, and Heritage Farm.

6. How do I find out which classes I need to take for a specific concentration?
Access the Programs of Study page and select your concentration. Next, click on the curriculum link under the concentration of interest to access a list of classes required. Checklists are also available.

7. I printed off my class schedule and it says the location for one of my classes is FG and another class location is AA. What does this stand for? 
FG stands for the greenhouse classroom located at the Nursery Research and Service Center at the Tech Farm. AA denotes a classroom at the Hyder Burks Pavilion.

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