School of Agriculture

Greenhouse Complex Campaign

Project Lead

Dean Darron Smith

Greenhouse Complex 3D Rendor

Proposed Greenhouse Layout

Second angle of 3D Rendor of Greenhouse Complex Campaign

Project Floor Plans

Building 1


Building 2

Building 2 Floorplan

Building 3

Building 3 floorplan

Dr. Joey Shaw, Director
Among his various roles:

  • Elected Chair of Soil Science Society of America Pedology Division
  • Coached the United States Soil Judging Team – 2015
  • Served on USDA-NRCS National Cooperative Soil Survey Advisory Group to the Director of the Soil Surveying Division
  • ARCPAC Certified Soil Scientist
  • Earned the American Society of Agronomy (ASA) Southeastern Branch Early Career Research Award – 2002
  • Published over 70 research papers in categories such as soils, agronomy, crops, irrigation, tillage, and many others
  • Projects include: Irrigation Strategies for Alabama Black Belt Soils, Evaluation of Greenseeker for variable rate N application, Precision Agriculture in Alabama, Sustain and Simulate the Agriculture Economy of Alabama to list a few.  

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