Why study biology at TN Tech?

monarchBiology is the study of living organisms at all levels. Because of the complexity and amazing diversity of living organisms, biology is divided into a number of disciplines. The Department of Biology offers programs that span a wide variety of these disciplines. Students may major in Biology or Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences. Students can choose from seven programs offered in the biology degree: Botany, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Environmental Biology, Health Sciences Biology, Microbiology, Marine Biology, and Zoology. Students seeking a Wildlife and Fisheries Science degree can choose from three concentrations: Conservation Biology, Fisheries Science, and Wildlife Science. Graduate degrees offered include a Master’s Degree in Biology and a Ph.D. in Environmental Sciences with a concentration in Biology.  The Department of Biology provides all the tools and opportunities needed for the academic development of a professional seeking a career within the biological sciences.  All programs are administered by and courses are taught by a caring faculty whose primary mission is to teach students.

posterRecent graduates have been employed within various government agencies including the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Tennessee Valley Authority, National Park Service, and numerous state wildlife and fisheries agencies, park services, departments of health and the environment, and regulatory agencies. Additionally, many graduates go on to graduate and professional schools, such as medical, pharmacy, and physician assistant schools.

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