Minor in Chemistry

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A minor for Arts and Sciences students requires the completion of 15 semester hours, including 6 upper-division hours, in a coherent program of study. The criterion of coherence may be met in either of two ways: (1) by following the minor curriculum prescribed by any department or college at Tennessee Tech, so long as it includes at least 6 upper-division hours; (2) if such a  minor curriculum is not available in the chosen department or college, by taking the 15 semester hours, including 6 at the upper division, in a single discipline—i.e., normally, courses with the same course prefix, but students should check with the department offering the minor before assuming this. Exception: A minor in physics will consist of at least 15 hours of coursework including PHYS 2110, PHYS 2120, PHYS 2420, PHYS 2920 and one upper division physics course. 

Minor in Chemistry Curriculum

A minor in Chemistry will consist of 18-20 hours including CHEM 3010, CHEM 3020 and CHEM 3410, plus two additional courses chosen from CHEM 2010, CHEM 3500, CHEM 3510, CHEM 3520, CHEM 4520 (5520), CHEM 4610 (5610), CHEM 4620 (5620), CHEM 4710 (5710).  The minimum average GPA in these courses must be 2.0.

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