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Counseling and Psychology

Bachelor of Science: Psychology

Psychology is one of the most popular undergraduate majors at Tech despite the demanding curriculum emphasizing research and culminating with a senior thesis.

Our program offers a broad range of courses and topics to explore including: Developmental Psychology, Learning and Cognition, Social Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Industrial\Organizational Psychology, Bio-Psychology, Psychology of Personality, Counseling, Experimental Psychology, and Data Analysis.

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Bachelor's Degree Requirements

Students must take a total of 43 credit hours in psychology and are encouraged to sample courses in the diverse areas of the field to fulfill personal interests and explore vocational possibilities. The B.S. degree offers a variety of elective courses (up to 39 credit hours) for our majors to explore the fields of psychology and/or other topics.

Undergraduate Checklist  2022-2023 Course Catalog

Minor in Psychology | 15 Credit Hours

Requirements: 15 credit hours of psychology courses (PSY). Those credit hours must include six (6) Upper Division course hours (3000 level or higher).

  • Fast Track to Your Graduate Degree

    Fast Track

    The Fast Track program is designed to enable Tech undergraduates to accumulate up to six (6) credit hours of graduate coursework in Counseling and Psychology that can be used to satisfy undergraduate and graduate degree requirements.

    These courses must be taken at Tennessee Tech.
    Students who successfully complete the Fast Track program are exempt from the Graduate Records Exam (GRE) graduate admission requirement.

    The Fast Track option creates the pathway for a smooth transition to a graduate program in Counseling and Psychology.

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    Minimum Admission Requirements

    Enrolled as a Tech undergraduate Psychology major with senior standing;

    Overall GPA of at least 3.0 or better;

    Approval from our graduate faculty or graduate faculty advisor and Chairperson.

    Contact your advisor to determine eligibility.

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