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School Psychology
Master of Arts | Education Specialist

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Program Overview

School psychologists help diagnose problems and plan interventions for at-risk children. This program prepares our students to assess and intervene in a wide range of school-based situations.

You will gain assessment, counseling, and behavioral consultation skills that will qualify you to help individuals from ages 3 to 22 deal with personal, behavioral, and educational problems.

Programs of Study & Information

Master of Arts (M.A.) / Program of Study

Education Specialist (Ed.S.) / Program of Study

Recommended Matriculation Plan

School Psychology Handbook

Professional Standards

Tennessee Professional Educational Standards, INTASC Standards, CAEP Standards,Tennessee Tech Conceptual Framework Alignment Table

Tennessee Department of Education Standards for School Psychology

American Counseling Association Code of Ethics

National Association of School Psychologists

Test Content Areas

Tennessee Department of Education: School Psychology Praxis Exam

Mapping of Assessment Measures on Course Goals

Alignment of School Psychology Program with NASP Standards (M.A. & Ed.S.)

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