Counseling and Psychology

Counseling and Supervision, Ph.D.

Counseling and Supervision Handbook

Ph.D. Site Supervisor Guide

Courses and Syllabi

COUN 7370 COUN 7610 COUN 7820
COUN 7400 COUN 7700 COUN 7840
COUN 7500 COUN 7730 PSY 7310
COUN 7510 COUN 7740  

Program of Study

Three-Year Plan (full-time/includes summers) | Three (3) Credit Hours Per Course

Courses align with CACREP standards for Doctoral Professional Identity.

First Year Second Year Third Year
Summer / 0 to 6 credits Fall / 9 credits 9 credits minimum
(prerequisite and/or support courses) COUN 7600 Teaching in Counselor Education COUN 7990 Dissertation Research
PSY 6310 Educational Statistics Required Research Elective (select COUN 7740 or COUN 7750):  
PSY 6930 Interpreting and Applying Psychological Research COUN 7740 Advanced
Quantitative Inquiry and
Research Design
  COUN 7750 Advanced
Qualitative Inquiry and
Research Design
Fall / 9 credits    
COUN 7400 Advanced Counseling
Theories and Practicum
COUN 7820 Doctoral Internship*  
COUN 7500 Research, Scholarship and Publication Spring / 9 credits  
PSY 7310 Advanced Educational
COUN 7510 Counseling
Administration and Program Evaluation
  COUN 7830 Regional Mental Health and Addictions Services  
Spring / 9 credits *Doctoral Internship (continued)  
COUN 7370 Counseling Supervision    
COUN 7730 Qualitative Research Methods in Counseling Summer / 0 - 3 credits  
COUN 7320 Advanced Group
Counseling in Addictions and Special Populations
COUN 7970 Directed Research in Counseling Research (optional elective)  
Summer / 3 - 9 credits    
COUN 7700 Advanced Multicultural Counseling: Leadership and Advocacy    
Optional Electives (3 - 6 credit hours)
(e.g. Directed Experience in Counseling Research, Family Systems, Neuroscience, Play Therapy, Child and Adolescent Counseling, Couples Counseling, Trauma, etc.)

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