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Check-In and Test Day Information

Per ETS: You must bring a mask to the test center, regardless of local policy. If you come to the test center without a mask, you will be turned away. You must supply your own mask. The center or local policy determines if you are required to wear it the entire time at the test center. As a precautionary measure you can choose to wear a mask during testing if the test center or local policy does not require it. Both medical masks and cloth face coverings are acceptable.


  • Important Testing Center & Test Day Information

    You may arrive up to an hour early for your scheduled examination. Testing Center staff will be available to check you in.

    • We strongly recommend you arrive as close to an hour early as possible to allow plenty of time for check-in. You will be allowed to start your test as soon as check-in has been completed.

    • Please arrive no later than 30 minutes prior to the test start time. If you arrive after the scheduled test start time, you will not be allowed to enter the test lab and proceed with testing.

    • Please note the testing room is kept cold because of the electronics. We ask that you dress appropriately. 

    • Before arriving, make certain you have your test ticket or confirmation, test administration fee receipt (if applicable), and proper photo ID(s). Refer to the specific test requirements for a list of acceptable IDs and documentation.

    • Once you arrive, you will be checked in by a Testing Center staff member. He or she will ask you to sign in and to present your photo ID(s). Testing Center staff will keep your ID until you are seated at your test workstation.

    • The Testing Center staff member who checks you in will validate your ID, take your test ticket/confirmation, verify your date of birth and the test being taken, and collect any additional required paperwork. Some tests require a photo is taken at check-in; this will be done at the check-in station. Headcoverings—including hats, headbands, visors, and scarves—cannot be worn for the photo or during testing unless worn for religious reasons. Glasses also cannot be worn for the photo.

    • Once you are checked in, another Testing Center staff member will escort you to the Personal Storage area. You will be screened with a metal detector wand. Small jewelry such as stud earrings or small necklaces may be visually inspected. Other items such as watches, bracelets, rings (except wedding rings), and large necklaces and earrings must be removed and placed inside your assigned locker. Jackets, hoodies, and other outerwear, along with any other personal items and all electronic devices, must also be placed inside your locker. Once the locker is closed and locked, it cannot be entered until after the test has been completed. If you feel you may need a sweater at some point, it must be hung up in the designated area in the Personal Storage room. Before you can take it into the test lab, it must be screened inside and out by a Testing Center staff member. If you need access to food, drink, or medicine during the test, please place those items on the counter in the Personal Storage area. The area will be under surveillance for the duration of the test.

    • If you need a break during a test, or have a test with scheduled breaks, you must be rescreened before re-entering the test lab.

    • The Testing Center provides two (2) pencils, earplugs, scratch paper, and headphones (for those tests requiring audio). You may not bring your own pens, pencils, paper, calculators, or other items into the test lab.

    • For assistance during a test or when you have completed your test, please raise your hand and a Testing Center staff member will assist you. 

  • Praxis

    Please arrive an hour early for check-in; Praxis check-in procedures are longer than some other tests, and this will ensure you start testing on time. You will be required to copy in cursive and sign a confidentiality statement on site. You may start testing as soon as check-in has finished.

    Bring with you to the Praxis exam:

    • Valid approved photo identification (must have photo, signature, and not be expired).
    • Click HERE for further clarification on identification requirements.
      Praxis ticket.

  • College Level Examination Program (CLEP)

    Bring with you to the CLEP exam:

    • Valid approved photo identification (must have photo, signature, and not be expired).
    • Click HERE for further clarification on identification requirements.
      Valid printed registration ticket from your College Board's My Account registration portal
    • Printed receipt from TN Tech's Marketplace (to verify test administration fee payment)

  • Miller Analogies Test (MAT)

    Bring with you to the MAT exam:

    • Valid approved primary photo identification (must be government issued, must have photograph, signature, and not be expired).
    • Click HERE for further clarification on identification requirements.
    • Valid approved secondary identification (does not require government issue, photograph, or signature). Acceptable forms include a student ID, credit card, library card, or utility bill with your name and address appearing exactly the same as on your primary ID. 
    • Printed receipt from Tech's Marketplace (to verify test administration fee payment)
    • All other needed information will be generated on-site.

  • Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination (CPCE)

    Bring with you to the CPCE exam:

    • Valid approved photo ID (such as driver's license or passport)
    • Your Pearson VUE Candidate ID (required to log-in to testing software)


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