College of Education Senior Exit Exam

This page applies only to the Senior Exit Exam for students in the College of Education.

  • About the Exit Exam

    The Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC) requires all State of Tennessee universities to evaluate their general education curriculum's effectiveness in student learning and critical thinking. THEC also includes these test scores in funding formulas to state institutions. To meet these requirements,Tennessee Tech requires all graduating seniors to participate in an exit exam that evaluates general education.Tennessee Tech uses the California Test of Critical Thinking Skills to evaluate how well the general education core prepares students to think critically.

    All graduating seniors, regardless of major or college, are REQUIRED to take the Senior Exit Exam.

    • Teacher licensure students must take the exam PRIOR TO starting Residency I.
    • The exam is only available in the Fall and Spring semesters. Summer graduates will need to register for an exam date in one of those semesters.

    Advisors and Faculty 

    • If a graduating senior states they need to take the exam, please have them email their name, T-number,Tennessee Tech email address, and major to

  • Exemptions

    Students may also be exempt from the exam if they meet one of the following criteria:

    • Attended high school outside of the United States/English is the student's second language.
    • Graduated high school more than 15 years ago.
    • Have already obtained a bachelor’s degree.
    • Attend all classes online.
    • Are enrolled in the 2+2 Program.

    All exemptions are reviewed and verified. Students will be contacted only if there is an issue with their selected exemption. If they do not qualify for the exemption, students will be asked to complete the registration form again to select an exam date.

  • Registration Process

    The College of Education will begin the registration process outlined below once the list of potential graduates has been received from the Graduation Office each semester:

    • The student will receive a registration email from
    • The email contains a link to the exam's registration web form.
    • The student will click on the link and complete the web form to register for an exam date or select their exemption from the exam.
    • Students need to register for an exam date early. Seating is limited!
    • All students must complete the web form.
    • The completion of the exam or exemption will be verified by this submission.
    • If an exemption was selected, there is nothing further needed from the student. They will be contacted if there are any verification questions.
    • All other students will need to arrive on their registered date to complete the exam. Seating is limited and it is important for students to take the exam on the date they registered for.

    NOTE: Students must receive the email and link from to register for the exam.

    • If a student uses a classmate's link to register for the exam, they will not be registered for an exam or appear in the database.

  • Class Excusal

    If the exam is scheduled during class time, students have the option on the registration web form to send a class excusal request to an instructor.

    The student is responsible for confirming the excusal with the instructor. A notification will be sent to the instructor if a student requested an excusal from class and did not arrive to complete the exam.

  • "No Shows" & Graduating Seniors

    Students that do not show up to their registered date will receive an email requesting them to register for a new exam date.

    Students that have applied to graduate that semester and not taken the exam will also receive email requests until they complete the registration web form.

    Advisors, instructors, and others may also be contacted to assist in this process.

  • After Completing the Exam or Selecting an Exemption

     The list of verified student exam completions and exemptions are returned to the Provost's Office around the last week of classes.

    If the student's name is on this list, the hold will be released on their diploma for graduation.





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